Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Catch Up

Since it is now the Merry, Merry Month of May, I'd better get caught up with April!!

04-03-11 On way to Grease Wood Flat with Ray, Marquita, Kay, Bill & I
Sign going into the restaurant area. This was bikers weekend. Not many there when we got there though. A few more were coming as we were leaving.
Outside eating area. No place to eat inside unless you were throwing a reserved party.
A place to keep warm during the evenings live entertainment or roast those marshmallows for smores.
Inside ready to order. Ray & Bill thought they were going to just "help themselves". Ya right! I wonder if they have an inventory on all those bills?
Rays' pulled pork BBQ sandwich, chips, potato salad & pickle. It was mighty tasty.
I don't know what they hammered out on this anvil, but it was one might big one! Ray, me & Kay.
And whoever told you vehicles in Arizona don't rust was just plain lying! Of course, weather, no matter where you live will rust I guess. Being from the East we always blamed it on the salt on the roadways.
Friends - Marquita, Kay & me
This old jukebox was in the building you could rent for parties.
Bill checking out all the "antiques"? or "junk"?
I wanted this so I could remember the address.
and when it is open. The one I should have taken a picture of stated: "Children must not be more than an arms link away at all times". Good rule! I think every restaurant should state that one!
Now that bottle opener goes with the size of the anvil. Though I must say, I never saw a bottle to coincide with the opener!
On our way from Grease Wood Flat to the Arabian Horse Barn. Los Cedros Citadel. Now this was a horse complex!!! I took this from their website. Entrance & offices are to the back of the picture...........\/
Entrance from roadway
Statue by driveway
Entrance to offices & rest of complex. Don't you just love our Arizona blue sky???
The requests were the rules that I cut off.
Moroccan decor everywhere. Saddle & pottery
Inside the meeting/conference room
Ceiling in meeting room - gorgeous!!
These doors were painted with egg yolk, egg white & plant colorings. No enamel or latex paint.
Ceiling in alcove/entrance.
Beautiful horses in a beautiful stable setting. These were the dressage, hunters & jumpers.
Entrance to the pool. Narrow so horses do not see the water before they actually step into the pool guided by trainer.
12 foot deep pool
The trainer can walk around the edge of the pool.
My favorite color for any horse!
Los Cedros means cedar, thus the lantern with the cedar tree.
The Arabian Horses
Immaculate stables. This is the ceiling.
This is the arena in the center of the complex, toward the hunter/jumper side from the Arabian side.
The West Arena
Even the landscaping was beautifulThis is the outside of the doors leading back into the offices.
A trainer working with a dressage.
This Arabian was stretching his neck way out of the window. Funny to watch him.
Flowers about the grounds
This beautiful black Arabian had just run around the West Arena & stopped for us to take his picture. I think he knew he was a beauty!This ended a wonderful Sunday afternoon with our good friends. We had a great time. Kay & I just wanted to ride so bad. NEXT YEAR. We have put it off for 2 yrs. now. Needless to say, we won't be riding these horses! You cannot board a horse here unless it is through a trainer. It costs $1000/mo. to board. I guess I'll settle for a little ol' sway back to take me on a trail ride.

To read more about this amazing place, visit You will be in awe!

Until next time when I catch up some more......The Traveling Cardinal's