Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to Catch Up

So I have to "catch up" again.  I wish I had more hours in a day or days in a week, I'm not sure which.  

I have to catch everyone up on our great Dancing With The Superstition Sunrise Stars show from March 6th.  We had a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work.  I was a nervous wreck about being on stage in front of all those people.  Needless to say, I didn't do my best & didn't win, but it was a wonderful experience & I had a lot of fun.  Wouldn't do it again in a million years.  The Utah Ballroom Dance Company has the most wonderful bunch of young dancers!!  They were amazing.  They all were patient, kind, understanding & helpful.  They never once made you feel like a clumsy old person!  They presented an awesome show after we did our dances.  Four of us gals went to see them on Friday night at another park where they put on just their show.  They are so professional, but only do this part time as a hobby as they love to dance.  Most are college students who also hold down jobs besides.  They practice 18-20 hrs. a week together.  I can't say enough about them.   They are simply awesome!

Here are a few pictures of our dancers and the show:
Our MC/Host/Dancer of the night, Mark Baker, Company Manager.  I didn't realize how much he participated in the show as a dancer until they started their performance.
Joey & Peggy dancing the Chustle
Peggy & Joey, Nitzan & Dave, Erika & Wally
 Alex & June (the winners), Sharon & Andrew, Jaymee & Jim, Peggy
 Taking our bow
The winners - Alex & June.  They danced the Salsa & she did a terrific job!!
 Our "after the show" poses:
 I had the best looking partner there!!!
 Nitzan & Dave
  Sharon & Andrew
 My friends scores on her program.  We got a 24.  Not too bad for being scared to death!

 My friend took this during intermission
 Now the real show begins! 
Jesse Maher - Production Manager/dancer/jack of all trades!
This was from Harry Potter.  They brought the girl (Erika) out first just like a manikin.  She never moved!!  Then they brought Andrew out like a manikin & moved him around on a dolly.  It was fantastic.  Harry Potter in the middle of the girls, is Joey, my partner.
 Mark & Jaymee.  What can I say except elegant!!  She is a real sweetheart.  I got to wear her stretch shorts under my costume!  Thank you Jaymee!
It was a fun night but it all has to end sometime.  We had a sold out performance.  This is my gold star for participating.  I had a wonderful time & met some wonderful, talented guys & gals.
The next 3 days after the dance contest I spent at the shuffleboard courts helping to input wins & losses into a computer program & to be a head referee.  It was interesting and I learned a lot.  Our tournament was a mixed doubles - man/woman teams.  We had a couple of very cold days with the wind blowing wax off the boards on Wednesday really bad.  Here are some pictures of tournament and winners:
These were the Championship playoffs:
 Consolation Playoffs:  Friend Tom in the red shirt.
 His wife Connie in the blue vest & hat.  They placed 3rd
 The table of trophies
 Muriel, our snack bar coordinator!
 Our temporary head chief:  John B.
 Well, we can't sit around and do nothing once one activity is over.  It's on to St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We have some crazy neighbors that can rope us into doing most anything - from Happy Hours to participating in their crazy group.  They have some of the most fun of any group I know.  And what imaginations!!  Here are some pictures from pre-parade to parade:
 Brian & Gina hanging the laundry
 O'Sheet's Wash House
 Cathy (our neighbor across the street) & Steve, our neighbor up the street
 The crazy Washer Women Gang
 Denice, Helen & LeRoy waiting for the parade
 Chuck & Denice
 96 year old chick - Lois
 Frank, Cathy & some of the gang
 Our pregnant redneck
  Shared Recipes Group
 Our friend, Ray, from Michigan
 The O'Daisy Girls
 Zumba Friends
 Friends & "judges"??
 Crazy Alisa.  Love her shirt - "Part Irish - All Trouble"
 Bill's card playing friend, Sam, 94 yrs. old & me
 As you can see, the fun never ceases!

This week will end a lot of activities for me.  Wednesday & Thursday I'll teach a computer class in Windows 7, Friday will be our last computer club meeting and our last Pilate's exercise class.  Friday night we are going to a Branson type show at the club house.

Next week we will go to get our taxes done and then I'm hoping for a lot of R & R by the pool!!  

The most exciting news I found out today was that DWTSuperstition Sunrise Stars has been booked to come back to our park Jan. 24, 2013!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

April will bring my turn to do the Chapel bulletins again and our blessed celebration of Easter.  So until I have more exciting things to write about.............

Until next time........................The Traveling Cardinal's


Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Back - Soon too!

Our annual Shuffleboard Potluck.  Pretty original decorations - a cue stick & a disk - Black & Yellow.  Can't get much simpler than that!   That's what we like - simple & fun!
 Well, we didn't make the top three, but I think we were tied for 5th.  Not too bad.  I think we are all winners anyway!

The fellow on the left is Gib & his wife Jan.  Gib was on my team but only got to play twice.  He was having some health issues & ended up having a stroke.  But he is doing very well & we hope to see him back on the shuffleboard court soon!  Lynda talking with her neighbors, Trudy & Wilf.
 Another great team member, Keith.  He only lost 2 of his games this season!  Great job Keith.
 My Alpena, Michigan team mate, Doris.  Her husband Francis is standing behind her in the red shirt & Bill is sitting beside her.
 Another crazy guy that keeps us laughing, Rick & on my team!  I asked him where his hat was because he's hard to recognize without one!  Cowboy hat rolled up on the sides.
I missed two of my team mates.  Joanie was sitting behind me & I didn't get her picture and Pat was missing from the gathering.

I had to give Doris her "Pixie Power" prize!  She was soooo proud of her game back in January when she beat Louis by one point!!  She had a couple really great games where she either beat or lost by one or two points.  We always say we don't care if we win or lose as long as we have a fun time.  But sometimes it just feels soooo good to beat a great player!  I know, I've been there too!

Today after church we came home & relaxed, then I made baked spaghetti to take to the potluck.  It was a beautiful day, in the 80's.  I sat out back in the sun & took a little snooze.  I miss my lounge chair.  I may have to break down & go buy one soon.  I don't always have a chance to get to the pool if I have something around the house I have to get done - like put the spaghetti in the oven!

Our son, Mark, called on his way to church tonight to check on Dad.  He said it was raining pretty hard, but the sky was clear in the opposite direction with a beautiful rainbow that you could see both ends of.  A sure promise from God.  There is always a rainbow at the end of the storm.

Bill ate really good tonight.  It seems good to see him able to eat more than soup & jello!

So, not a real exciting day, but a nice relaxing day.  Just what we need on a Sunday.

Tomorrow it's back to busy, busy - Head Referee meeting at 8:45am, (guess I have to miss Pilate's), then off to dance practice at 10am.  I'm hoping practice goes better tomorrow.  We also get fitted for costumes tomorrow.

Now it's time for me to get my checkbook balanced, fold some clothes when then come out of the dryer & then head to bed.

So............until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's