Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Getting Warmer!!!

On Sunday, Feb. 15th, we met with our dear friends from Pittsburgh, PA or I should say Hickory, PA. Our former pastor & his wife from North Warren were visiting Doug's parents in Sun City West where they are in an Assisted Living home. We met at Cracker Barrel in the evening for a sandwich & dessert. We got to see Mason, Jeremie's little guy for the first time & Jeremie we hadn't seen in about 7 years!!! Still a great guy! Mason was a little shy but he liked to be tickled so we got along pretty good before the evening was over!
Doug, Karen, Mason, Peg & Bill Cute little Mason

Doug, Karen, Mason & Jeremie

Well, it's been a week since I complained about the cold. Today we are heading for 87! Love It! Our neighbor, Tom, says he wished he could stay all summer!!!

The past week has been busy like always. Doing the same things so I won't bore you with all that again.
Yesterday (Sunday) a group of us caravaned to Eloy to watch the skydivers again. This is an annual trek for us. We take a picnic lunch (sandwiches) & snacks & goodies to share, along with your favorite chair & just sit & watch! It was overcast in the morning & that made it easy to watch the sky. Took the divers a little longer to break through the clouds so we could find them, but it was easier on our eyes!

Phyllis (Foofee), Tom, Faye & Gene leading the pack
The gang getting the goodies Gosh, that's good food!
Wagon load of Skydivers being taken to the plane
Refolding the shutes after a jump
Make sure you get every fold right & every rope right!

A few of us then went over to the Inside Skydiving wind tunnels. This is where you can get the feel & practice of what it feels like when you jump out of that plane door! It was rather noisy walking up outside, but it was a thrill to watch once you got in there. It is all enclosed in plexiglass so you could watch & the floor was made of wire so the wind could blow up through it, but it reminded you of a trampoline with a lot of forceful wind under you. The videos will let you get a little glimpse of what we watched. Three ladies were preparing in a class room to try it out. Apparently one of the ladies had done it before, but the instructor was in there with them, one at a time, to help them with their form.h
This is the Indoor Skydiving Facility with the 4 wind tunnels

Picture on the wall of a skydivers formationWOW! Can't say much more!!!

3 gals getting ready to enter wind tunnel with instructor

After leaving the airport, we took a little side trip to Arizona City, AZ to Quail Run to visit my friend Snookie who got me started on this blog! Was she ever surprised! If only I could have taken a picture of the look on her face! I got to meet Lavonne (the one who likes the pictures of dead trees!). As we were heading to the park we passed a truck that looked like their new truck. Sure enough, it was Bob. He was in the middle of installing a new toilet in their newly acquired park model. We had a tour of the new home (Beautiful!!). We stayed around & talked for awhile & Bob hadn't returned by the time we left. But as we were heading down the road, here he comes! So we stopped & talked a couple of minutes in the middle of the road. Next time we hope to meet up & visit a little longer. They are planning on spending the summer traveling to Alaska & staying there for a few months. Can't wait to keep up with her blog to see the beautiful pictures of their journey!

Snookie in her newly acquired park model - Beautiful Trailer & Accents!!!Snookie (of the Quinn's Awesome Journey), Bill & Peg (The Traveling Cardinal's)

We got back to the park around 4:20pm. I cleaned the bugs off the windshield of the truck (yes, we found some Arizona bugs!) We don't see them when you are sitting outside, but they are like magnets when you are driving. Speaking of driving......there sure were a lot of 5th wheels on the road yesterday!!! They were going both East & West, so some people must be still traveling despite the economy. I was beginning to think we might be the crazy ones, but I guess not!

Bill got to watch the races & I downloaded pictures, saved all my pictures to a CD & cleaned up my computer. Now I hope nothing happens to this neat little laptop as I still don't have it backed up, but at least I know my pictures are safe!

So, that brings us up to date on what we are up to. Just being retired! Actually, going to Eloy yesterday was our first "trip" out of town so to speak. Being to active at the park has it's draw backs. Now the next month will be lots of block parties as everyone will be getting ready to pack up & return to their homes & everyone will want to spend as much time together as they can.

My brother-in-law, Bob, is doing good with his radiation treatments. My sister said it was great to be home for the weekend in their own bed & they don't have a refrig or microwave in their room, so they have to make do with cafeteria food during the week at the hospital. She at least has a hot pot (Thanks Dee!!!!) so they can have their tea or coffee! But really glad to hear that all is going well!

Well, until next time........................The Traveling Cardinal's

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Wishes For You!

Just wanted to say hello today to everyone & wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Still cool in AZ. Went out for supper with 14 of the neighborhood gang last night & then we played cards outside until we ran out of propane for one of the heaters & it started to get too cold to sit out. Certainly don't want to catch our death of cold at this stage of the game. We keep hoping the warmer weather will return SOON! Some of you have teased us about it being cold out here, but as I said's winter in AZ too, but we aren't shoveling & the heater only runs when it gets below 65 at night. We don't need it during the day at all! So you see.....we are still one step ahead of some of you!

This is Tom & Phyllis' Card House! This is how we put up tarps around the patio & then put the propane heaters inside. Ususally pretty cozy. We did the same thing at Faye & Gene's trailer for Christmas Eve supper/party.

Today we went for breakfast at the club house & then came home. Had tea at the neighbor's while Bill read the hometown paper. I helped Phyllis roll up the tarps so they are ready for the next time. Tom thinks we should be playing cards in the afternoon so we aren't sitting out in the cold. We usually go to eat at 3:45pm & are home by 5 so we start playing cards early & get home early. Last night I thought it was late when we got home so I got ready for bed. When I looked at the clock it was only 8:30PM!!! Oh well, went to bed & read anyway. It was warmer in bed. I put an extra blanket on. I never should have taken that electric blanket off last month!!! Been cold ever since. We don't use it all night, but it sure warms up the bed before you get in!

Bill just went to play cards, so I think I'll drive out to Target & return my camera from last week. Need to stop at the store & pick up a couple food items. I guess I should make my honey a nice supper since he bought me roses for Valentine's Day. Since we had that wonderful massage on Wednesday, that was our Valentine's Day. So we will stay home & cook tonight.

Renee & Tom bought a new (car) yesterday, so they are pretty excited about their Valentine's Gift to each other. I'm glad they were able to get one. Sounds like they did pretty good. It's a 2003 Hyundi & only one owner with 47,000 miles on it. So I don't think it was used very much. That's only 5400 miles a year! I hope they have better luck with it than some from the past. At least it has 4 doors & with kids in & out of booster seats, it will be much better for them too. Now I won't worry so much about them getting to dr. appts. & picking kids up from school if they are sick, etc. It's always hard to depend on someone else, say nothing of having to have someone run you to the grocery store. Congratulations Guys! I hope you enjoy it & it is good to you!

Got a call again from my sister, Romayne, today. My brother-in-law Bob is going to start radiation treatments at VA in Williamsville, NY (near Buffalo) everyday for the next 6 weeks beginning next Wed. Keep them in your prayers. Because it is so far, they will be taking the VA bus from Jamestown to Buffalo every Mon. & then coming back home on Fri. That means a long week for those 6 weeks. I'm sure a lot of books will be read & since sis likes to do plastic canvas, a lot of projects will get done! She's like me, not a shopper, & needs to keep busy doing something. Bill always says I can't sit down for 5 minutes without doing something or jumping up to do something. Maybe it's nervous energy! Probably the nerves, not sure about the "energy"!

Well, guess there isn't anymore news for now, so until next time......................The Traveling Cardinal's

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Is Well In COLD Arizona

The word here the last couple of days is..............BURRRRRRR. When I look at temperatures in PA/NY & compare them with Apache Junction, AZ, I could just about swap places (temperature wise that is!!!!) If you think I want to come back to shovel, no way, Jose!!

Truly, we've had some pretty cool temps here. Today it is finally sun shining again, but it is only 49 at 11:45AM. Usually by now we are close to 60 or more.

Our activities are about the same this past week.

Saturday morning we were at breakfast & made a last minute decision (procrastinators that we are) to go to the 50's - 60's dance. We found someone who still had a couple of tickets. So off to shop we went. I had to get my bicycle tire fixed (around here you don't know what you might run stones, cactus thorns, or orange tree thorns). They have thicker tubes available so that is what I had put in this time. I loved it when I was on the phone with Grandson, Nick. He told me exactly how I had to find the hole in my tube & patch it! 5 years old! Pretty smart little guy! It was so cute listening to him tell me! Then he had to tell me about his girl friend in Kindergarten. Grandma always has to keep up on the latest cuties! He's so bashful I'm surprised he would admit he had one! Anyway, back to the shopping. I already had capri's I was going to roll up like pedal pushers (ever heard of them????). I found a scarf to tie around my neck at Walmart. Couldn't find any "plain" tennis shoes, so I just wore my sneakers with roll down socks. Then got my hair cut. Patty, my hairdresser/Bill's barber, said she was coming to the dance too. Bill wore his jeans rolled up with his white socks & loafers. We "looked" younger in style, but I'm not sure we "felt" younger! But we sure had a great time. I haven't jitterbugged since High School! You know back then the girls danced together & the guys watched. They just wanted to dance the slow ones. Well, things haven't changed too much. There were still about 10 girls that danced together! The dance was sponsored by the ball teams here at Superstition Sunrise. To say the least, it was a great crowd! Great music. Here are a couple of pictures:
Waiting in Line for Dance

Couple from Alpena, MIRay & Marquita

Mary Ann & Peg

Tom, Patty, Peg & Bill

Group from Alpena, MI

Some neighbors & Bill's card buddy. This is only a handful in the park!

Bill's card buddies, Sam & Francis & Tom & Pat dancing

PS - Those bottles didn't belong to any of us!

Sunday my hip was hurting really bad. I could hardly put my heel down to walk. But I had to make myself keep going to keep it limber. If I sat too long & then got up it really hurt. So we went out for lunch late & then to Target. I think I may have strained it in Pilate's. So Monday I gave it a break.

I bought a new camera at Target as I've been having trouble with mine when I take pictures & people are moving. Well, I tried this new camera out last night at the jam session & it does the same thing. I still get blurry pictures with people moving. They said if I didn't like it I could bring it back, so sorry, Renee, I'm going to take it back & keep my old one for awhile longer.

Talked to my sister over the weekend & my brother-in-law Bob is coming along fine from his tumor removal from the jaw, but they did find it was cancerous. Let's just hope & pray they got it all & he will only have to have radiation treatment. This coming Wed. the doctors will make their decision in Buffalo, NY at the Vet's hospital. I guess everyone else in the family is doing well. Bill is trying to keep from getting the coughing crud that everyone living around us seems to have gotten. He's taking some over the counter meds along with his usual to keep his lungs from getting any more congested. He gets a little more winded when we are dancing, but he just stops & rests. (He isn't the only one in the class!)

Speaking of the dancing...yesterday was awful. Neither one of us could get our feet going right! We both went to the lesson with 2 left feet! Boy was that a disaster. He was ready to throw in the towel, but we've decided to just get the basic steps & turns in & then worry about all those twirls & turns another time. By the time you decided which turn you are doing & which way you are turning, we can't remember what feet to use! We both decided it's a whole lot easier on roller skates, but then we were a lot younger when we learned that & did it for a lot longer too! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but we sure as heck are trying!!!

Next weekend friends, Karen & Doug & their son, Jer & Mason will be visiting AZ. We are going to meet them 1/2 way between Doug's parent's on the other side of Phoenix & where we are for dessert somewhere. Can't wait to see them! They visit out here every Feb. & we haven't seen Jer since he graduated from school! I've only seen pictures of baby (not any more) Mason, so this will be fun!

Wednesday of this week Bill & I are having our early Valentine's gift exchange!!!!! We are having a massage! First time for him & I've had 2 neck massages on Monday's at the Monday Market. It sure loosens up those neck muscles. She says each week she finds different knots in my neck. Will let you know what we think. Our friends, Phyllis & Tom, are having theirs first, then we are using their trailer since ours isn't big enough to have her set up her table in.

Oh, it was great to see my counter turn over the 1300 mark!!! Thanks family & friends! Glad to have you as readers! Let me know if you think I could make this more interesting! Tell me what you like & what you don't. It won't hurt my feelings since I'm still learning!

Well, time to finish my lunch & head to Line Dancing. So until next time...................

The Traveling Cardinals

Monday, February 2, 2009

We are still kicking in the sunshine!

Still eating our way through Thursday night BBQ Pot Lucks
Listening to the great music of the Jam Sessions on Monday nights
Laughing & having fun with neighbors Camilla & Roger
Dancing with Lois & Jim (both at lessons & jam sessions)
Esther & Bob from Iowa, who have now returned to that snowy cold state!
Jim & Ruby helping get ready for Super Bowl Party
Chico is ready for the game
Let the Game Begin
Bill & Phyllis
Do you think we have enough food????
That about sums up what's been going on the past week or so.

It's pretty hard to maintain a diet when the table looks like the one above!

We had a great time at the Super Bowl party, especially since we are from Pennsylvania & we had to antagonize everyone as we were rooting for the Pittsburgh Steeler's! We certainly were outnumbered! Seriously though, we would have been happy to see the Cardinal's win since this was their first time to the Super Bowl & it was a very exciting game. The score definitely showed there were two great teams playing. As Phyllis says, someone has to win & someone has to lose. They were partial to the Cardinal's as the quarterback, was a hometown Iowa boy.

Notice the picture of Bill & Phyllis. The lady (Joanne) behind Bill's head has a bag of Dorito's in her hand with a fork in it. That is called a "Walking Taco"! What a clever idea. You crush the bag of Dorito's right before you open them. Then add the premixed cooked ground beef, & lettuce & you put whatever else you want on it right in the bag!!!! Phyllis said they sold them like that at football games back home all the time. A neat idea! If you read this, pass it on.

Today I had my first ever neck massage! It was wonderful. It is a little sore, but it sure feels a lot better. I was about ready to look for a chiropractor, but I think that 15 minute massage did the trick. Should be able to tell in another couple of days. She comes to the Monday Market Place here at the park. A couple of us are thinking of having her come to one of our trailers & splitting the cost. At least 2 of us are ready whenever.

Dance classes are going well. Bill is having trouble with an ingrown toe nail, so it bothers him some no matter what he wears on his feet. He says tomorrow he's going for a pedicure to see if that might help. Today at class we did a few more complicated turns. We have trouble doing the turns, switching hands & keeping in step. But we'll get it. We have a lot of laughs anyway. We both make mistakes & to stop & start several times. But almost everyone in the class does that too, so we aren't the only ones.

Our friends, Barb & Ron, were suppose to be coming out this next week, but she got a questionable report from her doctor & now has to have several tests done. We were all very disappointed, but we just hope & pray that it won't be a serious thing & if it is, she will be strong & positive. She has always been such a caring, loving, helpful person for so many others when they have had health problems, we only hope that those guardian angels are around for her now when she needs them! God Bless Barb!

Bill's sister is doing real well with her recovery & my brother-in-law Bob is home & doing well. Need to give them a call this week to check up on him.

Well, that about does it for our "exciting" lives.

Until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's