Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Getting Warmer!!!

On Sunday, Feb. 15th, we met with our dear friends from Pittsburgh, PA or I should say Hickory, PA. Our former pastor & his wife from North Warren were visiting Doug's parents in Sun City West where they are in an Assisted Living home. We met at Cracker Barrel in the evening for a sandwich & dessert. We got to see Mason, Jeremie's little guy for the first time & Jeremie we hadn't seen in about 7 years!!! Still a great guy! Mason was a little shy but he liked to be tickled so we got along pretty good before the evening was over!
Doug, Karen, Mason, Peg & Bill Cute little Mason

Doug, Karen, Mason & Jeremie

Well, it's been a week since I complained about the cold. Today we are heading for 87! Love It! Our neighbor, Tom, says he wished he could stay all summer!!!

The past week has been busy like always. Doing the same things so I won't bore you with all that again.
Yesterday (Sunday) a group of us caravaned to Eloy to watch the skydivers again. This is an annual trek for us. We take a picnic lunch (sandwiches) & snacks & goodies to share, along with your favorite chair & just sit & watch! It was overcast in the morning & that made it easy to watch the sky. Took the divers a little longer to break through the clouds so we could find them, but it was easier on our eyes!

Phyllis (Foofee), Tom, Faye & Gene leading the pack
The gang getting the goodies Gosh, that's good food!
Wagon load of Skydivers being taken to the plane
Refolding the shutes after a jump
Make sure you get every fold right & every rope right!

A few of us then went over to the Inside Skydiving wind tunnels. This is where you can get the feel & practice of what it feels like when you jump out of that plane door! It was rather noisy walking up outside, but it was a thrill to watch once you got in there. It is all enclosed in plexiglass so you could watch & the floor was made of wire so the wind could blow up through it, but it reminded you of a trampoline with a lot of forceful wind under you. The videos will let you get a little glimpse of what we watched. Three ladies were preparing in a class room to try it out. Apparently one of the ladies had done it before, but the instructor was in there with them, one at a time, to help them with their form.h
This is the Indoor Skydiving Facility with the 4 wind tunnels

Picture on the wall of a skydivers formationWOW! Can't say much more!!!

3 gals getting ready to enter wind tunnel with instructor

After leaving the airport, we took a little side trip to Arizona City, AZ to Quail Run to visit my friend Snookie who got me started on this blog! Was she ever surprised! If only I could have taken a picture of the look on her face! I got to meet Lavonne (the one who likes the pictures of dead trees!). As we were heading to the park we passed a truck that looked like their new truck. Sure enough, it was Bob. He was in the middle of installing a new toilet in their newly acquired park model. We had a tour of the new home (Beautiful!!). We stayed around & talked for awhile & Bob hadn't returned by the time we left. But as we were heading down the road, here he comes! So we stopped & talked a couple of minutes in the middle of the road. Next time we hope to meet up & visit a little longer. They are planning on spending the summer traveling to Alaska & staying there for a few months. Can't wait to keep up with her blog to see the beautiful pictures of their journey!

Snookie in her newly acquired park model - Beautiful Trailer & Accents!!!Snookie (of the Quinn's Awesome Journey), Bill & Peg (The Traveling Cardinal's)

We got back to the park around 4:20pm. I cleaned the bugs off the windshield of the truck (yes, we found some Arizona bugs!) We don't see them when you are sitting outside, but they are like magnets when you are driving. Speaking of driving......there sure were a lot of 5th wheels on the road yesterday!!! They were going both East & West, so some people must be still traveling despite the economy. I was beginning to think we might be the crazy ones, but I guess not!

Bill got to watch the races & I downloaded pictures, saved all my pictures to a CD & cleaned up my computer. Now I hope nothing happens to this neat little laptop as I still don't have it backed up, but at least I know my pictures are safe!

So, that brings us up to date on what we are up to. Just being retired! Actually, going to Eloy yesterday was our first "trip" out of town so to speak. Being to active at the park has it's draw backs. Now the next month will be lots of block parties as everyone will be getting ready to pack up & return to their homes & everyone will want to spend as much time together as they can.

My brother-in-law, Bob, is doing good with his radiation treatments. My sister said it was great to be home for the weekend in their own bed & they don't have a refrig or microwave in their room, so they have to make do with cafeteria food during the week at the hospital. She at least has a hot pot (Thanks Dee!!!!) so they can have their tea or coffee! But really glad to hear that all is going well!

Well, until next time........................The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Hi Peggy!! It was great to meet you Saturday at Quail Run. Isn't Snookie just the best?!! I know she was thrilled to get to spend time with you and Bill.
You took some amazing video of the wind tunnel. I have never seen anyone go so far up into the tunnel. I would be afraid I would go right out the top! LOL
Keep up the great picture taking and journaling. LaVon