Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Lazy Day

Another cold morning. What I should say is another cold night! No heat from propane. Still having a problem with tank not forcing enough propane through lines to run the furnace. Both bottles read green until around 10:30, then they both went red. Poor timing. Thank God we have a fireplace that works now & I put the electric blanket on the bed. We both stayed nice & cozy. Wish we could figure out the problem. They worked on it while we were back in NYS, but I guess the problem is still there. Maybe it's time to call the manufacturer with this problem.

Still have the stuffed up head, headache & sore throat. Another day to stay inside & watch the sun & clouds roll by.

The dogs seem to have quieted somewhat. I think they keep them inside most of the time. I did hear them outside before 8am again, but didn't seem to be as bad. Maybe all 18 weren't out there at the same time! LOL

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I think I'll carve my pumpkin today. The Halloween celebrations are already over with here at the park, but being a traditionalist, tomorrow is Halloween, so that's when I'll put my pumpkin out. I have tons of candy left as we were never here when the kids were trick or treating. I know what I'd like to do with it (EAT IT, it's chocolate!!!), but I guess I'd better find someone to give it to. I know a few little kids that would still love to have it. Maybe they will knock on the door tomorrow night. In case I don't write tomorrow.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. Try it, it's addicting. Thanks Dee!!! What a way to kill an hour without even thinking!

Well, that's about it for now. Until next time.........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool & Breezy Days

This week has been cool & breezy. Beginning to think we should have headed to Arizona by Nov. 1st. Not much going on here. Pretty quiet.....well it was until this morning! (see later)

This past weekend my niece, Donna & her husband Larry, came to visit their daughter Traci her in VA. We went out for supper at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant to celebrate her 50th Birthday. Didn't do anything to embarrass her except sing Happy Birthday. We then went back to Traci & Dan's house to eat this WONDERFUL cheesecake made by their friend! Wow, he can make me a cheesecake anytime. Although, by the time the weekend of partying was over, I need to loose 3 lbs.!!!!
Donna & LarryDonna
Dan & TraciDonna with Dan's Parents

Donna & Traci

Now the later (from above)....Last night a couple motor homes came into the campground in the next row over from us on the end (just like us). This morning at 7:45AM (I know, I know, quiet hour is only until 7AM), but......dogs (like everywhere) started barking & yipping!!! I got up to look out the window & oh my gosh. The new arrivals had pens outside with (I counted at LEAST) 18 dogs in those pens!!!! It was awful! I called the office to complain. They put a note on their door & after 2 trips outside to try & quiet them, they finally found the note. Needless to say, the dogs are now all inside the motor home. I guess they are having a dog show here this weekend. Now mind you, I like dogs, but in a controlled quantity & environment. Two tops. I'd rather see love & attention given to 2 than to try & spread your love, attention & temperament over that many! It was like having a kennel next to us! If the weather was nicer, we could spend our time walking at the beach, but since it's windy & cold, we are sitting at the trailer. If I had lots of money I could walk at the mall, but that's not an option either! So let's hope things are quieter for the next couple of days or so. Oh Arizona, where are you. It's getting closer to traveling!!!!!!!

Not much more to report. Oh yeah, I talked to my sister Romayne this morning in southwestern NY. It is my brother-in-law Bob's 80th birthday today. Had to call & wish him a happy day. Romayne said they had an inch of snow!!! Don't want it, Don't miss it. Since I woke up with a sore throat this morning, that would only make me feel more miserable! Snow on top of feeling lousy!?!

Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Catch Up Day

Here I am, behind again. I didn't think about taking my computer with me when we went home to PA. I forget that I now have Internet wherever I go. Oh well. The only thing I really would have liked was to download my pictures. I ended up having to delete some as I don't have an extra chip so when I fill it up, I'm stuck. You might know, when you go to see the grand kids, you need all the space for pictures you can get. One of these days I'll have to buy another chip.

The week before we left to go home we received news on Thursday from our daughter, Renee, that while she was taking her lab outside, Belle was attacked by a pit bull. She spent all afternoon & evening at the vets. Thought things looked fairly good for a recovery, but on Fri. evening she passed away. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I think the family is doing well now. She will be missed greatly as a pet and also as security for the family in the neighborhood they live in. Maybe someday if they move to someplace that has more yard where the dog & kids can play, they can think about getting another one.

We moved our trailer to another spot on Sunday before we left & then headed to PA on Mon., the 13th.
Trees on Interstate 80 on the way to PA
Visited with Bill's sister on Tues. She looks really good. Doing well. This Thurs. she visits the heart doctor who did her surgery to see what he says about when to proceed with the cancer surgery. She has a very positive attitude & that is half the healing process. Everyone's prayers sure were appreciated.
On Wed. I got to have lunch with my friends Judy & Sarah. Had a great lunch & lots of gabbing. Bill got to visit friends in N.Warren & get caught up with all the gossip there. I think we miss our friends & family back home the most since beginning on this journey.
Bill took pictures around N. Warren of changes started/finished since we left:
Warren Commons - Walmart; Lowes, Applebees, Burger King, other stores built in farmland across from State Hospital where we worked
Kay Jewelers - Powerhouse to State Hospital in background across Rt. 62
New Hampton Inn being built above N. Warren Sewage Plant where Bill worked after Retirement from State
North Warren Elementary where our kids went to school - School Bell & memorial built by Scott Brothers; Pavilion in background, parking lot on right with playground in background. Our church built the pavilion & is across the street. Made a nice park for N. Warren's use.
Not complete without a picture of our old home on State Street with the tree we planted after moving there to shade kitchen window where Bill sat to eat!
On Wed. afternoon I went to visit with my former boss, Bobbie, & her, Mary & I went over to where they were preparing to have a surplus sale. I even volunteered to help do some of the work I used to do. Not much work in reading off numbers/writing them down, but the bending & climbing around is the hardest. Also, getting the trifocals to focus on the numbers! Anyway we had a great visit. When Security informed us they had locked the door, I decided it was time we ended our chat & met Bill at the switchboard. He was visiting there with a former co-worker. I think she is the only one left of the "old guard". Everyone else has retired. More women in security now than men I believe. Amazing. Equal rights has come a long way!

Wed. evening we met my sister & her husband to take them out for supper for their 53rd anniversary. Went to Bellview East in Falconer, NY. We got enough for 3 meals! Needless to say, it was "boxes to go".

Thurs. morning we left Bill's brother's home where we stayed (Thank you millions, Bobbie & Sandy), & made a fairly quick trip to N. Warren again. My friend Judy, gave us bunk beds that were in her garage to take to Renee's boys. That was very nice of her! Thank you Judy! Glad to help you clean out your garage & glad you were able to give them to Renee & Tom.

We arrived at Renee's around 4 or so. Unloaded beds, suitcases, etc. Long story short, I lost my 90 day prescription between the unloading somewhere. But when I got back to Virginia, we found them in another zipper part of the suitcase! Renee said I need a double dose of those vitamins with the memory support!!

On Friday we went shopping with the kids & Papa in the morning, then by late afternoon we took them home & Renee & I went out again. She was looking for a dress for a wedding. Wow! NONE of the stores sell dresses anymore. All pants, skirts & ugly tops!!! Finally ended up back at the first store (The Dress Barn) & got the one she liked from the beginning. Then we had to get plywood for the beds & one new mattress for the other bunk bed. We were pooped by the time we got back home at 8pm! Hungry & tired! But our mission was accomplished. Even threw in a few extras - new shoes, Halloween costumes & the makings of a scarecrow costume too.
Grandma's help at making a scarecrow costume (pj's don't count) Straw needs trimmed for finishing touch
Saturday we told the kids we were going to take them on a "field trip". When we got to our destination, Nick just wanted to run around in the "field" by the parking lot. Didn't take much to make him happy!!! Really, we went to the Baltimore Zoo. Everyone had a great time. It was cold, but the sun was shining. Another day of tired legs & feet by the time we got home.

Hunter, Nick & Noah on bronze lion at Baltimore Zoo
Baby Elephant born at Baltimore Zoo

Hunter, Renee, Noah & Nick - the Geckle Animals

Sunday Grandma gave haircuts before leaving. We left for VA by noon. Took a different route back to campground. It was a nice route & didn't have to fight a lot of traffic on the Interstate.

Yesterday we got all our water problems solved. It was a combination of things, but nothing within the trailer (except we no longer are using our water purifier). Now we have lots of pressure & can even take a decent shower! Thanks, Ricky, for all your help!!! A great camper friend!!

Today is Samantha's birthday. THIRTEEN! Gosh, our first teen grandchild! Have a great day Samantha! We love you!

This weekend my niece & her husband (Donna & Larry) are coming down from Warren to visit her daughter, Traci. It will be Donna's 50th birthday! Gotcha Donna! Hope we get to do some celebrating while you are here in V. Beach!

That about catches up our past week(s). Time to relax again.

Until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great Neighbors!

We've been camping here at Virginia Beach now since Aug. 29th. We've had some great neighbors. Ricky & Donna from Georgia have been fun. They have had 3 little grand kids visiting with them for a little over a month. Their mommy came yesterday to take them back home to Tenn. I think Grandma & Grandpa are a little tired (at least we know Grandpa is!!). Grandma is a traveling nurse & is working here in the area. Between the grand kids & the neighbors with their trailer problems (us of course), we have all kept Ricky busy!! This morning just outside my window as I'm typing, he was getting a "green" branch off a tree. I hollered out & said "Hey, what are you doing?" He said they had a stopped up toilet! Oh, Oh, the problems are moving from one trailer to another! He said he thinks one of us needs to move! Well on Sunday, we are moving to another spot, but they won't be that far away. We can still visit. Of course, when the kiddos go home, he wants to do some fishing. So we probably won't see much of him! I think he's getting pretty itchy to go. They have been delightful.

Well, things have been "pretty" quiet. We finally figured out yesterday what is wrong with our water pressure. I finally called Forest River, the mfg. They said we had a bad check valve at the water connection. So we ordered the part from them. Gosh, my parts book listed it for about $30.00 more than what they charge! He said "mark up" is amazing! I guess so. I was happy about the price, but stunned at the mark up! So that will be a project to correct when we come back from PA in about a week.

Also, yesterday, Bill & I went for a bike ride down to Red Wing Park. Nice little park with gardens, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic area & playgrounds for kids. I had been there a few years back with Julie & the kids when the flowers were out more. We took pictures of kids there. This time the only flowers still out were the roses. They are beautiful. The ones that look the biggest, don't smell, then some of them are so fragrant. So, Bill & I took time to "stop & smell" the roses. Then on the way back we have to cross that busy 6 lane highway -- 2 turning lanes, 2 straight lanes one way & 2 the other. What an intersection!!! Well, Bill and another guy went first, I had to wait for 2 vehicles turning right on red, then with all 4 lanes STILL RED (turning & straight) I proceeded to cross in the crosswalk lanes. Half way across I double checked to make sure it was all still red & kept going. Just as I got to the last lane (left turn lane) it must have turned & there was a school bus there. Needless to say, she didn't look & started to go. Guess where my heart was!!!!!!????? The bumper of the bus was about 4" from my left leg!!!! I yelled & someone else must have as she stopped, I finished crossing the street & then she stopped & had the nerve to open her window & say, "What do you think you were doing? You almost hit my bus!!!" The only words I could get out were "The lights were all RED when I was crossing!". Otherwise I couldn't even get any other words out of my mouth. But then part way down the bike path after crossing the other side of the intersection, I had lots of words for that woman!!!!! My guardian angel was with me! Thank you Lord & believe me I thanked Him!!!! Visions of "What If" went through my mind!

Tues. night we went to watch Samantha take her horse riding lesson. She does pretty good. They don't do a whole lot. Seems like it takes so long for everyone to get to the class and get ready, they don't have much time to learn anything. 1-1/2 hrs. there & about a 1/2 hr. lesson. Too bad. She was the first one ready, out in the ring & waiting. Mark gets frustrated because of the price they pay & the time spent on a lesson. Here are some pictures:

Samantha grooming her horse before riding lesson

Samantha putting on saddle

Riding before lesson began. Blindfolded horse - for flies

The class

Riding Side by Side holding on to paper

Samuel took picture of horses

Today will be a "run around" day. Put diesel in truck, (which I saw yesterday at $3.75 on Virginia Beach Blvd. at a Shell station!), pick up a few groceries, check on barbershop for Bill, pick up prescription, vacuum & clean trailer (which I'm doing in between typing & downloading pictures), then maybe put our feet up by afternoon. It might rain sometime today & tonight, but they say the chance is slim. Temps are in mid to high 70's.

Last night was beautiful. We actually had a fire for a change. We could sit out & not get cold or damp. It was so nice. We invited the new neighbors across the street to come & sit with us. They are from Richmond area & are here on a rally with the dealership where they bought their trailer. Nice touch. They sponsor it every year for a weekend with entertainment, food, etc. Sounds like a very caring dealership. Customers count!

Okay, Dee, you can let your Mom read this & see the pictures. That will get her updated a little on what is going on. Since I can't send her pictures via computer, she will have to see yours this weekend. I hope you have great weather & a great time! Will see them next week for their anniversary! Love to all!

Well, until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Gosh -- 705 hits! I never would have believed it! Thanks, Snookie for being a mentor!

Thursday while Bill & I were walking the boardwalk at the beach, we noticed several signs that read Bikes for Sale. Bill has wanted to get a regular one speed cruiser bike ever since the gears on his bike got messed up when we hit an electric box at a campground. I told him to stop & check them out. We found out that they buy new bikes each year for the beach then they don't have to worry about storing them. So Bill looked around, made some adjustments to what he wanted, seat, handle bar covers, etc. and decided on a bike. Then he wasn't sure if it was a good deal or not. So we told the guy we would walk & be back. Well we went back & it was still there, but he still wasn't sure if it was a good deal. So we came home, went to K-Mart & checked on prices, then came home & checked on the Internet for the brand that was being sold at the beach. Here they were $289.00 bikes! So Fri. morning we got up "fairly" early & went back to the same place after checking some other places & low & behold, the bike was still there. So he bought it. Came home & got it all shiny. Looks like a brand new bike except for a few scratches here & there. I think he is happy. Since it rides on the back of the trailer, it will have more scratches probably anyway.

Friday night we went to Hooter's for supper (fish sandwich) & then went to the Virginia Farmer's Market where they have a hoedown each Fri. night from 7-10pm. It was really nice. Very family oriented. A few little groups playing their mountain music on the tailgates in the parking lot & then the main performers in the middle of the shops. They have a dance floor (cement) and a small stage. The group was pretty good. Middle - older age singers; group of 5 guys. Most of the dancers were older couples, singles & a few young people. It was nice to see the younger kids out there dancing with parents or grandparents. It brought back memories of dancing with my mom & dad when I was that age! Today a lot of kids wouldn't think that was cool. One gal around 10-11 yrs. old was pretty good - darn good at the line dancing. I only danced one line dance as I didn't know if I could follow the other ones. Can't wait to get back to Arizona & my lessons!!! I really enjoy that 2 hours of fun.

Today we went back to the Farmer's Market for tomatoes & I got a pumpkin. Decided I couldn't put it outside though as the squirrels would demolish it in minutes!!! They sure are pesty! So I decided to put it on the kitchen table until closer to Halloween, then after I carve it I'll put it in the truck at night with a tea light in it. I'll fool those darn squirrels! I even had to take my table cloth off the picnic table as they had torn it to shreds!

Tonight is the Oktober Fest, but I think we will just stay here at the trailer rather than walk down there. I enjoy the music, but because Bill doesn't dance, I'd get itchy feet, then have to just watch. I thought maybe he would dance a slow one last night, but no luck there. Maybe next time. They only have 2 more weeks on Fri. nights of the Hoedowns though. I hope the weather is nice next week so we can go back again.

I bought my yarn today so I can start my baby afghan. I hope I can remember how to do it. Deanna, help! You may be getting a call. I'm going to look at my directions to see if it comes back to me. If not, I know your number!

Well, that's about it for the past 3 days. Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so we'll see what tomorrow brings in the way of activities.

Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Days In A Row!!

I thought I would get on here first thing this morning & try & add the 2 pictures I couldn't get on last night.

Today is a beautiful day, but for some reason I think I needed SLEEP. I slept in until almost 10am, right through the jet noise. Bill said he was going to come in & check to see if I was still breathing if I wasn't up by 10! It seems so nice to be able to sleep. The last week I've done really well. Usually I'm awake half the night.

Ok here are the pictures:
Bill (with back toward camera) walking along boardwalk at the beach looking for those Italian Sausages. Lots of crafts & sales along the way at the Neptune FestivalThis is my finished Swedish Weaving afghan/blanket

It's hard to see the colors in the picture, but it is variegated browns & greens. The pattern is called Mountain Pines. The fringe of the material is mixed with the yarn in an edging my friend Deanna taught me. A very pretty effect.

Well, time to shower & maybe hit the road to the beach, the Wal-Mart with the yarn, or whatever. Need to pick up a few fresh vegetables & fruits so I imagine it will be Wal-Mart sometime today. It is just so great to see BLUE SKY & SUNSHINE again. Temperatures are to be in the lower 70's today & a little warmer as we get closer to the weekend, 79 by Sunday. Perfect! I'm just tired of the rain.

Until next time...........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Week Gone By

Here we are with another week gone by! And here I am again, with a weeks worth of activities to catch up on. Really, we haven't done a lot; enough to keep busy, a little R & R, visit with grandkids & son & that is about it.

Friday after lunch I went to Wal-Mart to get my hair cut. Cut isn't quite the word I should use. It was so short when I came out I could put a ball cap on & pass for a man. I wanted it short around the ears & on the neckline, and some off the top. It got really short on the top. Not a curl left on my head from a perm of 4 weeks ago! Oh well, Bill said it would grow.

Late last Fri. afternoon we went down to the beach (didn't have to worry about my hair blowing!!!) to see the outcome of the judging on the sand sculpturing. They do amazing work & especially since the weather was so horrible. Here are a couple of the completed ones. I will only do a couple since I posted all of them in partial completeness in my last post.
Amazing Detail on Suit, Shoes, etc.
Detail of sea shells, fish, coral, etc. - beautiful job
Saturday afternoon we went to the beach again. I was so glad we went on Fri. & took pictures as the rain had done some damage to the art work. Of course, I think the reason we went down on Sat. was Bill wanted to smell that Italian Sausage with peppers & onions again. I told him go ahead & have one. I could eat something else. But of course, my will power failed & I ate one too! They do smell really, really good. Those festivals get you every time. I found a leather purse that I liked. I've looked & looked in several stores & I never can find one that I want. I like all those compartments. I like the organized type. That was my anniversary gift from Bill.
Sunday, Mark, Samantha & Samuel took Bill & I out for breakfast for our anniversary. It was really good. I picked the restaurant (a local diner) so I wasn't sure how it was. Well it was packed & we only had to wait in line about 10 min. It was very good. Prices were very reasonable too. Then everyone came back to the trailer. Samuel played with the neighbor kids then stayed here at the trailer & went for a walk with Papa. He sang & talked a leg off Papa. Bill really enjoyed that. Samantha stayed with me & we baked cookies. We sent Dad home to fix his kitchen faucet. He came back to get the kiddos right before 4pm. Bill & I were already to leave to go on our 40th anniversary dinner cruise on The Spirit of Norfolk. We took this cruise for our 25th anniversary, Renee & Tom went on it on their honeymoon.

Grandkids, Samantha & Samuel40th Anniversary Couple, Bill & Peg
Yesterday I rode my bike to the beach, down the boardwalk a ways & then back to the campground. Took me about 1hr. & 15 min. Of course, I had to walk it over the bridge. I can almost make it to the top, but it's quite a hill for an old lady! It was a nice day for a ride, not too hot & a nice breeze. Bill can't ride that far with me as his bike is stuck in one gear & he can't make it that far. He gets too winded.

Today we called friends, Faye & Gene in AZ to say hi. She said it was HOT. Gene has been working on his shed making it bigger & trying to get everything done so when the rest of us get there he can just relax & play. She said he only works in the mornings as it gets too hot to be outside in the afternoon. Still in the triple digits. But it looks like the forecast says a little cooler weather is coming their way. Can't wait to get there.

Mark came over this afternoon to fix our toilet. We were having trouble with it yesterday & the night before. The ball wouldn't close with the foot lever. It would stick open. We called 3 people about what the problem might be. We decided after talking with them we would go & pick up the parts & Mark would fix it instead of hauling it into a service center or having to pay someone to come out to the campground. Thank God we did! We didn't even need the parts! The screws had come loose & weren't into the lever far enough to activate the lever so the ball wouldn't close. Such a simple solution!! Saved ourselves about $200.00! We decided to keep the parts in case we need them in the future. It is an endless job to go through your rig after traveling to check on all those loose screws. Never even thought of that in the toilet. We knew the screws were there, but didn't think that was the problem. All fixed & ready to use. I had made Taco Salad for lunch but Mark didn't come until much later. So he ate after he finished. I told him I'm sorry that the Taco Salad wasn't worth $100.00, so until better paid, he got a big thank you and a hug. I'm sure he will be waiting for his pay one of these days. Ha! Ha!

Well, we had rain again today. Gosh, we've had more rain this year while we've been here than ever before. We have survived all the storms & storm warnings, but it sure has put it down hard a few times. A couple of the sights near us are under water & quite a bit of mud. Ours isn't too bad, but it does get muddy under the rug. We are moving our trailer to another site on Oct. 12th; right before we leave to go home for a quick visit again.

Tonight I finished my Swedish Weaving Afghan!! Finally! I've been working on it since last July/Aug. When the weather is hot, I don't work on it & when you travel from one place to another where it's warm, the sewing days are short. So since we've had rain & cooler temperatures the last few days I decided to get it done. I was just going to put it away & decide what to do with it later, but I kind of like it after I got it done. Just might keep it for myself. The next one I do will be a lap quilt, & much smaller. It takes me too long to finish one. Now I want to do a Cro-Knit baby blanket for a friend of Renee's. Those go much faster. Had a picture to insert but Blogger times out before I get it in. Will leave it for next time.

Well, that about wraps up the last week. Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's