Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Days In A Row!!

I thought I would get on here first thing this morning & try & add the 2 pictures I couldn't get on last night.

Today is a beautiful day, but for some reason I think I needed SLEEP. I slept in until almost 10am, right through the jet noise. Bill said he was going to come in & check to see if I was still breathing if I wasn't up by 10! It seems so nice to be able to sleep. The last week I've done really well. Usually I'm awake half the night.

Ok here are the pictures:
Bill (with back toward camera) walking along boardwalk at the beach looking for those Italian Sausages. Lots of crafts & sales along the way at the Neptune FestivalThis is my finished Swedish Weaving afghan/blanket

It's hard to see the colors in the picture, but it is variegated browns & greens. The pattern is called Mountain Pines. The fringe of the material is mixed with the yarn in an edging my friend Deanna taught me. A very pretty effect.

Well, time to shower & maybe hit the road to the beach, the Wal-Mart with the yarn, or whatever. Need to pick up a few fresh vegetables & fruits so I imagine it will be Wal-Mart sometime today. It is just so great to see BLUE SKY & SUNSHINE again. Temperatures are to be in the lower 70's today & a little warmer as we get closer to the weekend, 79 by Sunday. Perfect! I'm just tired of the rain.

Until next time...........The Traveling Cardinal's

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