Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool & Breezy Days

This week has been cool & breezy. Beginning to think we should have headed to Arizona by Nov. 1st. Not much going on here. Pretty quiet.....well it was until this morning! (see later)

This past weekend my niece, Donna & her husband Larry, came to visit their daughter Traci her in VA. We went out for supper at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant to celebrate her 50th Birthday. Didn't do anything to embarrass her except sing Happy Birthday. We then went back to Traci & Dan's house to eat this WONDERFUL cheesecake made by their friend! Wow, he can make me a cheesecake anytime. Although, by the time the weekend of partying was over, I need to loose 3 lbs.!!!!
Donna & LarryDonna
Dan & TraciDonna with Dan's Parents

Donna & Traci

Now the later (from above)....Last night a couple motor homes came into the campground in the next row over from us on the end (just like us). This morning at 7:45AM (I know, I know, quiet hour is only until 7AM), but......dogs (like everywhere) started barking & yipping!!! I got up to look out the window & oh my gosh. The new arrivals had pens outside with (I counted at LEAST) 18 dogs in those pens!!!! It was awful! I called the office to complain. They put a note on their door & after 2 trips outside to try & quiet them, they finally found the note. Needless to say, the dogs are now all inside the motor home. I guess they are having a dog show here this weekend. Now mind you, I like dogs, but in a controlled quantity & environment. Two tops. I'd rather see love & attention given to 2 than to try & spread your love, attention & temperament over that many! It was like having a kennel next to us! If the weather was nicer, we could spend our time walking at the beach, but since it's windy & cold, we are sitting at the trailer. If I had lots of money I could walk at the mall, but that's not an option either! So let's hope things are quieter for the next couple of days or so. Oh Arizona, where are you. It's getting closer to traveling!!!!!!!

Not much more to report. Oh yeah, I talked to my sister Romayne this morning in southwestern NY. It is my brother-in-law Bob's 80th birthday today. Had to call & wish him a happy day. Romayne said they had an inch of snow!!! Don't want it, Don't miss it. Since I woke up with a sore throat this morning, that would only make me feel more miserable! Snow on top of feeling lousy!?!

Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

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