Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Gosh -- 705 hits! I never would have believed it! Thanks, Snookie for being a mentor!

Thursday while Bill & I were walking the boardwalk at the beach, we noticed several signs that read Bikes for Sale. Bill has wanted to get a regular one speed cruiser bike ever since the gears on his bike got messed up when we hit an electric box at a campground. I told him to stop & check them out. We found out that they buy new bikes each year for the beach then they don't have to worry about storing them. So Bill looked around, made some adjustments to what he wanted, seat, handle bar covers, etc. and decided on a bike. Then he wasn't sure if it was a good deal or not. So we told the guy we would walk & be back. Well we went back & it was still there, but he still wasn't sure if it was a good deal. So we came home, went to K-Mart & checked on prices, then came home & checked on the Internet for the brand that was being sold at the beach. Here they were $289.00 bikes! So Fri. morning we got up "fairly" early & went back to the same place after checking some other places & low & behold, the bike was still there. So he bought it. Came home & got it all shiny. Looks like a brand new bike except for a few scratches here & there. I think he is happy. Since it rides on the back of the trailer, it will have more scratches probably anyway.

Friday night we went to Hooter's for supper (fish sandwich) & then went to the Virginia Farmer's Market where they have a hoedown each Fri. night from 7-10pm. It was really nice. Very family oriented. A few little groups playing their mountain music on the tailgates in the parking lot & then the main performers in the middle of the shops. They have a dance floor (cement) and a small stage. The group was pretty good. Middle - older age singers; group of 5 guys. Most of the dancers were older couples, singles & a few young people. It was nice to see the younger kids out there dancing with parents or grandparents. It brought back memories of dancing with my mom & dad when I was that age! Today a lot of kids wouldn't think that was cool. One gal around 10-11 yrs. old was pretty good - darn good at the line dancing. I only danced one line dance as I didn't know if I could follow the other ones. Can't wait to get back to Arizona & my lessons!!! I really enjoy that 2 hours of fun.

Today we went back to the Farmer's Market for tomatoes & I got a pumpkin. Decided I couldn't put it outside though as the squirrels would demolish it in minutes!!! They sure are pesty! So I decided to put it on the kitchen table until closer to Halloween, then after I carve it I'll put it in the truck at night with a tea light in it. I'll fool those darn squirrels! I even had to take my table cloth off the picnic table as they had torn it to shreds!

Tonight is the Oktober Fest, but I think we will just stay here at the trailer rather than walk down there. I enjoy the music, but because Bill doesn't dance, I'd get itchy feet, then have to just watch. I thought maybe he would dance a slow one last night, but no luck there. Maybe next time. They only have 2 more weeks on Fri. nights of the Hoedowns though. I hope the weather is nice next week so we can go back again.

I bought my yarn today so I can start my baby afghan. I hope I can remember how to do it. Deanna, help! You may be getting a call. I'm going to look at my directions to see if it comes back to me. If not, I know your number!

Well, that's about it for the past 3 days. Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so we'll see what tomorrow brings in the way of activities.

Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

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