Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great Neighbors!

We've been camping here at Virginia Beach now since Aug. 29th. We've had some great neighbors. Ricky & Donna from Georgia have been fun. They have had 3 little grand kids visiting with them for a little over a month. Their mommy came yesterday to take them back home to Tenn. I think Grandma & Grandpa are a little tired (at least we know Grandpa is!!). Grandma is a traveling nurse & is working here in the area. Between the grand kids & the neighbors with their trailer problems (us of course), we have all kept Ricky busy!! This morning just outside my window as I'm typing, he was getting a "green" branch off a tree. I hollered out & said "Hey, what are you doing?" He said they had a stopped up toilet! Oh, Oh, the problems are moving from one trailer to another! He said he thinks one of us needs to move! Well on Sunday, we are moving to another spot, but they won't be that far away. We can still visit. Of course, when the kiddos go home, he wants to do some fishing. So we probably won't see much of him! I think he's getting pretty itchy to go. They have been delightful.

Well, things have been "pretty" quiet. We finally figured out yesterday what is wrong with our water pressure. I finally called Forest River, the mfg. They said we had a bad check valve at the water connection. So we ordered the part from them. Gosh, my parts book listed it for about $30.00 more than what they charge! He said "mark up" is amazing! I guess so. I was happy about the price, but stunned at the mark up! So that will be a project to correct when we come back from PA in about a week.

Also, yesterday, Bill & I went for a bike ride down to Red Wing Park. Nice little park with gardens, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic area & playgrounds for kids. I had been there a few years back with Julie & the kids when the flowers were out more. We took pictures of kids there. This time the only flowers still out were the roses. They are beautiful. The ones that look the biggest, don't smell, then some of them are so fragrant. So, Bill & I took time to "stop & smell" the roses. Then on the way back we have to cross that busy 6 lane highway -- 2 turning lanes, 2 straight lanes one way & 2 the other. What an intersection!!! Well, Bill and another guy went first, I had to wait for 2 vehicles turning right on red, then with all 4 lanes STILL RED (turning & straight) I proceeded to cross in the crosswalk lanes. Half way across I double checked to make sure it was all still red & kept going. Just as I got to the last lane (left turn lane) it must have turned & there was a school bus there. Needless to say, she didn't look & started to go. Guess where my heart was!!!!!!????? The bumper of the bus was about 4" from my left leg!!!! I yelled & someone else must have as she stopped, I finished crossing the street & then she stopped & had the nerve to open her window & say, "What do you think you were doing? You almost hit my bus!!!" The only words I could get out were "The lights were all RED when I was crossing!". Otherwise I couldn't even get any other words out of my mouth. But then part way down the bike path after crossing the other side of the intersection, I had lots of words for that woman!!!!! My guardian angel was with me! Thank you Lord & believe me I thanked Him!!!! Visions of "What If" went through my mind!

Tues. night we went to watch Samantha take her horse riding lesson. She does pretty good. They don't do a whole lot. Seems like it takes so long for everyone to get to the class and get ready, they don't have much time to learn anything. 1-1/2 hrs. there & about a 1/2 hr. lesson. Too bad. She was the first one ready, out in the ring & waiting. Mark gets frustrated because of the price they pay & the time spent on a lesson. Here are some pictures:

Samantha grooming her horse before riding lesson

Samantha putting on saddle

Riding before lesson began. Blindfolded horse - for flies

The class

Riding Side by Side holding on to paper

Samuel took picture of horses

Today will be a "run around" day. Put diesel in truck, (which I saw yesterday at $3.75 on Virginia Beach Blvd. at a Shell station!), pick up a few groceries, check on barbershop for Bill, pick up prescription, vacuum & clean trailer (which I'm doing in between typing & downloading pictures), then maybe put our feet up by afternoon. It might rain sometime today & tonight, but they say the chance is slim. Temps are in mid to high 70's.

Last night was beautiful. We actually had a fire for a change. We could sit out & not get cold or damp. It was so nice. We invited the new neighbors across the street to come & sit with us. They are from Richmond area & are here on a rally with the dealership where they bought their trailer. Nice touch. They sponsor it every year for a weekend with entertainment, food, etc. Sounds like a very caring dealership. Customers count!

Okay, Dee, you can let your Mom read this & see the pictures. That will get her updated a little on what is going on. Since I can't send her pictures via computer, she will have to see yours this weekend. I hope you have great weather & a great time! Will see them next week for their anniversary! Love to all!

Well, until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's


Bob and Snookie said...

Is that really a horse or is it just a BIG Dalmation?

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I have a new blog wanted to share with you it is

Love following your travels,
Denise, Jason and the boys