Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Week Gone By

Here we are with another week gone by! And here I am again, with a weeks worth of activities to catch up on. Really, we haven't done a lot; enough to keep busy, a little R & R, visit with grandkids & son & that is about it.

Friday after lunch I went to Wal-Mart to get my hair cut. Cut isn't quite the word I should use. It was so short when I came out I could put a ball cap on & pass for a man. I wanted it short around the ears & on the neckline, and some off the top. It got really short on the top. Not a curl left on my head from a perm of 4 weeks ago! Oh well, Bill said it would grow.

Late last Fri. afternoon we went down to the beach (didn't have to worry about my hair blowing!!!) to see the outcome of the judging on the sand sculpturing. They do amazing work & especially since the weather was so horrible. Here are a couple of the completed ones. I will only do a couple since I posted all of them in partial completeness in my last post.
Amazing Detail on Suit, Shoes, etc.
Detail of sea shells, fish, coral, etc. - beautiful job
Saturday afternoon we went to the beach again. I was so glad we went on Fri. & took pictures as the rain had done some damage to the art work. Of course, I think the reason we went down on Sat. was Bill wanted to smell that Italian Sausage with peppers & onions again. I told him go ahead & have one. I could eat something else. But of course, my will power failed & I ate one too! They do smell really, really good. Those festivals get you every time. I found a leather purse that I liked. I've looked & looked in several stores & I never can find one that I want. I like all those compartments. I like the organized type. That was my anniversary gift from Bill.
Sunday, Mark, Samantha & Samuel took Bill & I out for breakfast for our anniversary. It was really good. I picked the restaurant (a local diner) so I wasn't sure how it was. Well it was packed & we only had to wait in line about 10 min. It was very good. Prices were very reasonable too. Then everyone came back to the trailer. Samuel played with the neighbor kids then stayed here at the trailer & went for a walk with Papa. He sang & talked a leg off Papa. Bill really enjoyed that. Samantha stayed with me & we baked cookies. We sent Dad home to fix his kitchen faucet. He came back to get the kiddos right before 4pm. Bill & I were already to leave to go on our 40th anniversary dinner cruise on The Spirit of Norfolk. We took this cruise for our 25th anniversary, Renee & Tom went on it on their honeymoon.

Grandkids, Samantha & Samuel40th Anniversary Couple, Bill & Peg
Yesterday I rode my bike to the beach, down the boardwalk a ways & then back to the campground. Took me about 1hr. & 15 min. Of course, I had to walk it over the bridge. I can almost make it to the top, but it's quite a hill for an old lady! It was a nice day for a ride, not too hot & a nice breeze. Bill can't ride that far with me as his bike is stuck in one gear & he can't make it that far. He gets too winded.

Today we called friends, Faye & Gene in AZ to say hi. She said it was HOT. Gene has been working on his shed making it bigger & trying to get everything done so when the rest of us get there he can just relax & play. She said he only works in the mornings as it gets too hot to be outside in the afternoon. Still in the triple digits. But it looks like the forecast says a little cooler weather is coming their way. Can't wait to get there.

Mark came over this afternoon to fix our toilet. We were having trouble with it yesterday & the night before. The ball wouldn't close with the foot lever. It would stick open. We called 3 people about what the problem might be. We decided after talking with them we would go & pick up the parts & Mark would fix it instead of hauling it into a service center or having to pay someone to come out to the campground. Thank God we did! We didn't even need the parts! The screws had come loose & weren't into the lever far enough to activate the lever so the ball wouldn't close. Such a simple solution!! Saved ourselves about $200.00! We decided to keep the parts in case we need them in the future. It is an endless job to go through your rig after traveling to check on all those loose screws. Never even thought of that in the toilet. We knew the screws were there, but didn't think that was the problem. All fixed & ready to use. I had made Taco Salad for lunch but Mark didn't come until much later. So he ate after he finished. I told him I'm sorry that the Taco Salad wasn't worth $100.00, so until better paid, he got a big thank you and a hug. I'm sure he will be waiting for his pay one of these days. Ha! Ha!

Well, we had rain again today. Gosh, we've had more rain this year while we've been here than ever before. We have survived all the storms & storm warnings, but it sure has put it down hard a few times. A couple of the sights near us are under water & quite a bit of mud. Ours isn't too bad, but it does get muddy under the rug. We are moving our trailer to another site on Oct. 12th; right before we leave to go home for a quick visit again.

Tonight I finished my Swedish Weaving Afghan!! Finally! I've been working on it since last July/Aug. When the weather is hot, I don't work on it & when you travel from one place to another where it's warm, the sewing days are short. So since we've had rain & cooler temperatures the last few days I decided to get it done. I was just going to put it away & decide what to do with it later, but I kind of like it after I got it done. Just might keep it for myself. The next one I do will be a lap quilt, & much smaller. It takes me too long to finish one. Now I want to do a Cro-Knit baby blanket for a friend of Renee's. Those go much faster. Had a picture to insert but Blogger times out before I get it in. Will leave it for next time.

Well, that about wraps up the last week. Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

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