Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up Time AGAIN!

I just can't seem to keep up to date with this blog thing. It seems I get involved with a project, then I don't take the time to sit down & type. Well, it's time to pay the piper!
Last Saturday (Sept. 20th) we spent all day (8am - 5pm) at the NAS Oceana Air Show. It was windy & overcast which in some ways was nice. We didn't get to see any of the parachute jumpers, but it was nice watching the air show as you didn't have to squint into the sun all day. We met our friends from Warren (Chuck & Denise) at their hotel with their daughter & family for drinks on Fri. night, then met them at the air show on Sat. We all had a good time. The following are pictures from the air show.

Chuck, Denise & Family

Aerobatic Plane
Jets that fly over Campground all the time
Got a good picture finally, at the air show
Simulated attack during a fly over
Aerobatic flying of a glider plane
The glider being pushed across tarmac with pilot on right in white with blue hat

US Navy Raptor Jet

US Navy Blue Angel's Jet #6 (I think the pilot was from Lapeer, MI if I heard right. I may be wrong)

Video of Blue Angel's - At 500mph it was hard to get a picture with my camera on just digital, so I took a short video.

The Sound of Freedom is alive and well in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA area! It's amazing how quickly you get used to hearing them fly over the tree tops at the campground. It is truly a great sound. A sound I am proud to endure!!

On Sunday afternoon I began the project of washing the outside of the trailer. Monday I worked all day at it. Of course, I spent most of the evening both days with the rice bag on my neck, back and feet (from standing on the step ladder). I used my vibrating neck pillow (thank you Mary!!). It has been a Godsend. I truly was amazed at how much better I felt the next day after using both of these. I finished on Tues. afternoon around 5pm. Bill said since I had worked so hard, he would take me out for supper! Good news to my ears! We ate at the Purple Cow. Different place, diner type restaurant. My food was great, but I had to bring 1/2 of it home. Too full to eat it all.

Tuesday morning I went to Weight Watchers! It was a day to celebrate!!! I am FINALLY back to my Lifetime Goal weight. I still have to make sure I pay attention to what I'm doing, get down a couple more pounds for a safety net & keep exercising. It's a great feeling to get back there again, but it was the hardest 10 pounds I ever had to loose.

Tuesday after my meeting, I went to see my great niece, Traci. Stopped at her boyfriend's place of business to surprise him & have him give me directions to the house. W.W. is almost across the street from the road that takes you to their home. We spent about an hour or so chatting & catching up. She has a tremendous weight training room that she invited me to come & exercise in with her. Might take her up on it one of these days!

Wednesday we spent relaxing again & making sure everything was picked up outside & put away before the next storm hit. We went to the beach to check on the progress of the Neptune Festival Sand Sculptor's. The wind was so bad the sand was blowing in our faces & our eyes. We stayed long enough to see the struggle they were having trying to get work done on each of their projects. I didn't take my camera with me.

This morning (Thursday, the 25th) we were without electricity from sometime around 5am or so until 11am. We sat & played cards, listened & watched the wind & the rain. Lots of small branches & leaves down, but nothing major in the park that we could see. Around 5:15pm we went down to the beach again. The rain had let up off & on & Bill wanted to see the progress again & see the high tides. This time I took my camera. Wow, those waves looked amazing. Pretty threatening to me! Glad I wasn't in a ship. I would have been hanging over the side or my head in the head, if you know what I mean!

Here are some of the pictures we took today:

Looking toward the fishing pier - An angry looking ocean!The size of waves as compared to little girl & her dad

An innovative skateboarder with a tarpThe Foolish Man's House

The Foolish Man's House - Sculptor using a feather duster

Diligent workers fighting the wind & rain

Firefighter from NJ working on his project

Trying to protect his sculpture from the elements

I think these are the fingertips of praying hands - Sculptor from Italy

Well, that about wraps up our past few days. I will post some pictures of the finished projects from this weekend (hopefully the weather improves enough for the Neptune Festival to go on). On Sunday, Bill & I will be cruising on the Spirit of Norfolk for our 40th Anniversary. We did this in celebration of our 25th. Gosh, 15 years ago!!!! Hard to believe!

Until next time.........The Traveling Cardinal's

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