Friday, September 5, 2008

Fulfilling Promises

Today it is raining in Virginia Beach. We are waiting for Hannah to hit, so there isn't much to do but wait. I got the laundry done this morning & caught up on emails, so now I must fulfill the promise of getting my blog updated with pictures.
We are a little nervous about Hannah, but we are prepared as much as we can be. We have extra water in the fridge, a full fresh water tank, our generator ready to go on the right gas tank, groceries in the trailer & hopefully we won't need any of the above!

Back to pictures from Maryland:
Noah was first. I'm hanging on, but being brave
Almost done, Handsome!
Nick says, I know I need a haircut, but.......
Handsome Nick
Bar Harbor RV Park in Abingdon, MD on the Bush River
Fishermen out our back trailer window
Papa, Noah & Nick feeding the ducks
Renee, Nick & Noah feeding the ducks
Sorry you can't see them, but 2 eagles in the dead tree across river from campsite just left of left pillar
Ducks in sunset water
Heron caught his fish
Hunter swimming under water
Nick having fun with Mom & not afraid either!
I think it is almost over Nick's head!
Noah & Hunter

Noah just sitting here & splashing - not ready for the deep water yet!

Happy Birthday Tom

#1 Dad with his 3 boys

Tom & his family at his surprise party

Future Bird Watcher - Noah

Future Bird Watcher - Nick

Nobody wants to play with me, but I'll show you football someday!!!

Nick after his first day at Kindergarten

Nick walking home with Mom after first day at Kindergarten

Mommy & Noah first day of Pre-K

Cade, Kenny & Noah waiting for bus to Pre-K

Our baby going to Pre-K. Are his legs long enough to step up that big step? He was sooo proud to ride that bus!

An excited Noah! Nick just coming down steps of bus

Mom, Noah & Nick after Noah's first day at Pre-K

Now we have left Maryland, gone to Virginia Beach, returned to NY/PA over Labor Day. On our return trip to V.B. this is the GPS showing the road where I grew up in Fentonville, NY. The brown road to the right is the Bain Rd. Our house is on the top corner of the intersection. Kind of blurry, but the barn in the background was my grandfather's.

Hazy Blue Ridge Mountains in the background

This ship was going over tunnel when we were going through Hampton Bridge Tunnel

Navy ship in bay by Norfolk Navy Ship Yard

Now that I have caught you up with pictures again, I'll not bore you with more for a few days.....that is unless Hanna leaves us with some special pictures that I just can't resist! Let's hope they are pictures of water only & no damage.

By the way, Lime Lake Marina & RV contacted us yesterday & our fireplace repair part is on it's way to Virginia Beach!!!! One down, one to go! I think this is called progress.

Hope to keep updated more often. I do have Verizon Wireless Card now for laptop. I'm not completely happy with it, but I have it for the next 2 years. It was a tough decision financially, and now I wished I hadn't done it. It is slower than cold tar in January. I could have paid 1/2 the price for the Internet service at the campground. Now that isn't an option. I will fulfill my contract, then cancel it.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

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