Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Real Retiree's

Since we have arrived in Virginia Beach, we have really become the "beach bums". Not that we spend every waking hour at the beach, but we have truly become "lazy".

I think this is the first time we have actually just sat all day & relaxed. Reading books, listening to the Sound of Freedom (Navy Jets), & just plain chilling out. I think I "Might" be a little bit bored, but not enough to change my lifestyle! It just seems kind of good not to have to be anyplace at any special time.

Today was overcast & a little sprinkle now & then, but that's all. Spent the morning washing down the kitchen & getting the cooking crud off the shelf tops & ceiling fans. Then washed all the artificial flowers. Hard to get them dried out when it was damp outside. I had them setting on the picnic table & wouldn't you know....a darn squirrel came along & was eating the berries off my flowers!!! They sure are a nuisance! I keep telling the neighbors the park needs to get rid of a few of them. There is a saying....There is too much of a good thing!

Made a trip to Rite Aid & then to Wal-Mart for our monthly groceries. Yikes!!! I miss Aldi's!!! I sat & looked at recipe books before we went & my list just kept getting longer & longer. I hate to cook. If I could bake & hire someone to cook for me I'd be in 7th Heaven! Oh well, we can't have everything. The hardest part is finding a place to put everything in the fridge. How I ever thought I could get along with only one refrigerator, I'll never know! I guess the RV industry is a little bit smarter in some aspects.

Couldn't get our AC to work yesterday afternoon & it was terribly hot & humid around supper time. The circuit breaker was tripped. Couldn't get it to stay on. Called Lime Lake today & then Mark came over after lunch when he got home from work & looked at it. Took awhile, but finally figured out you have to push the circuit breaker all the way down & then back up & it stayed. Jay, from L.Lake, called while we were at Wal-Mart. He said just watch what we have running at the same time. It must have pulled too many amps at once. Hopefully that was all it was. Tonight is a lot cooler, so maybe we can sleep without lying in a puddle of water!

We found a place down on Pacific Ave. near the beach that we want to try out for lunch or supper. We will have to let Phyllis & Tom (The Murphy's) know how it was after we've been there!!! (Keep tuned Foofee!!)

Well, not much else going on. Mark & Samuel are planning on camping with us this weekend. That should liven things up! Maybe grandma will get some exercise!

Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

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