Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post Tropical Storm Hannah

Well, we made it through the storm. Really, it wasn't that bad. We didn't get a lot of rain. We got some wind on Sat. afternoon with some gusts now & then. The trees in the RV park were swaying at the top pretty good, but the trailer never moved. The evening was beautiful.

We did lose power around 1:15pm. It was back on sometime during the night. Our son, Mark, lives right down the road from us & he said they didn't lose it. Half of the park had it & half didn't. The half we were in was toward the beach, & they may have lost it in that direction. Didn't talk to anyone about it to find out.

Went to church in V. Beach this morning & everything looked pretty normal to me. There were several small branches & leaves down, but didn't see anything major. The smell of the pine trees was beautiful though. Had a fresh smell going down the road. Cleared the air I guess.

I talked to my daughter in Maryland & she said they were getting rain by the buckets. I think they got the brunt of the storm. Also, my friend Toni called. She was in Danville, PA & they were getting a lot of rain too. So I guess you could say, Hannah, passed through, said Hi, I've got more places to visit & away she went! I just hope all our visits with hurricanes are just like her. She was kind to us.

Well, since I have no big news, no fantastic pictures, I'll say so long for now. Just wanted to let everyone know we are safe & sound.

Until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

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