Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day of Waiting; Day at the Beach

After having a couple days of cloudy days & some sprinkles/rain, I think we might be back to the nicer weather, just a little cooler. Of course, the natives love it!

Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first, then I will tell you about our days.

Bill's sister, Carolyn, had her open heart surgery this morning. We got the call this afternoon a little after 3 that she had 4 bypasses done & everything went very well. The surgeon sounded very optimistic according to her daughter, Brenda. We were very relieved! I thank all of you for your prayers & your support. It means a lot to have a feeling of being uplifted. And we all know, in Aaron's words, God Is Awesome! Continue those prayers for the next few days as we all know, the next 3 days are the most critical. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Latest update at 9:30pm --- Carolyn has the ventilator off! GREAT NEWS!
Yesterday we spent hanging out around the trailer. Mark came over in the afternoon & installed our new part for the fireplace. We now have a working fireplace again. No more noisy fan or non-operable fan. He picked up Samuel from school before coming so we got to see the little guy too. Mark was dead tired on his feet. Tues. was a pinning ceremony for Chiefs. He had to attend the ceremony besides being up until 5am that morning doing the initiation stuff. Crazy traditions!

These were pictures I took while hanging out at the trailer. Those darn jets go so fast you can never get a good picture. Maybe this weekend when we go to the Oceana Air Show I'll get some good ones.

Prickly Pear Cactus at Holiday-Trav-L-Park parking lot at the beach. Cactus no matter where we go!!!


Today to keep us busy from dwelling on Carolyn's surgery, we walked the beach and met Mark for lunch at.............OK TOM & PHYLLIS..............ARE YOU READY FOR THIS>>>>>Murphy's, A Grand Irish Pub & Restaurant. It was very good. The food was great & not really that expensive considering it is one block back from the beach. Now Bill & I want to go back some evening to see what the entertainment is like. If you come & meet us we will take you Tom, along with your bride!!


Mark inside pub - badges all over walls

Mark's next ship insigniaBadges of fire departments & police departments from all over the country

After eating we walked the 20 blocks back to our truck. It's nice to walk the boardwalk or past the stores & never go into buy anything. Sales, sales, sales. But still more than I want to pay and every store is the same. I love the "where are you from, want a vacation package for.....". We got on-line & bought our tickets for our Anniversary Cruise for the end of the month & saved 30%. The price online was already less than what they were offering! What a bunch of scammers.

Walking along the beach & the scuptures & sights:

Fishing Pier at Virginia Beach, VA

School of fish sculptures

Artist at Work

Old Coast Guard Station

Band Shell getting ready for music on boardwalk

King Neptune Sculpture looking down boardwalk

Ship at sea

Virginia Beach Naval Aviation Monument - Very Impressive

It Began Here
Pilots Man Your Planes
The Team

Welcome Home

Our legs were really tired by the time we got back from the beach. So we just sat & relaxed the rest of the day. I finished my book & played a few games of solitaire. Since I didn't finish all my lunch, I had that for supper. That open faced Reuben Sandwich was delicious though. Would have tasted better if I hadn't had to warm it up though. Never as good as when it is first placed in front of you. Somethings the microwave just doesn't help.

Well, that about wraps up the last couple of days.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

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