Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Many Days Later

I know I am way behind again & I will get up to date in the next couple of days. I just want to do a brief update to let you all know where we are & where we have been.

Our dear friend & neighbor from North Warren, Bill W., passed away this past Thursday after an accident where he fell from the back of a truck & struck his head on the pavement. It was a real tragedy for the family and the neighbors. He was a very dear friend of my Bill's and his wife was one of my dear friends with whom I had breakfast or lunch with each month along with our friend Judy. By coincidence, all three of us are married to Bills! So.....we had to be out of our campsite in Maryland on the 29th of August & had reservations in Virginia Beach for the 29th, so we brought the trailer to V. Beach, spent Fri. & Sat. here, then drove the truck back to PA/NY on Sunday. We stayed with my sister & her husband in Frewsburg until this morning. We arrived safe & sound back in V. Beach around 7:30 PM tonight.

After we had made our decision to return to PA for the funeral, we received a call from Bill's niece saying his sister had gotten a diagnosis of colon cancer. What a shock. So we were glad we got to come home & see her too. Her next test was done on Tues. & it showed no cancer in the stomach. So that was great news. Now if we can just get her through surgery & be cancer free, that will be a blessing. Please continue your prayers for our family & friends.

As I promised before, I will get some pictures downloaded & into my blog, but for now, this is all the news.

Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

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