Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Sweating It Out in Virginia Beach

Just to let everyone know we are still sitting around here in Virginia Beach. Yesterday Bill sat & watched the races on TV & 2 Football games. I spent my day at the beach! It was wonderful. When I went to get in the truck the thermometer on the rear view mirror said 100 degrees!!!! Of course, once I started down the road, it went down to 94. A real temperature drop huh? Sitting on the edge of the beach in my chair, reading & chilling out was wonderful though. I left here at 1:15pm & didn't return until 6:30pm! A very relaxing afternoon.

Today we received word from Bill's niece, Brenda, that her mom (his sister Carolyn) not only has colon cancer, but she has to have open heart surgery on Wed. She went to Erie today to have a heart catherization done before her scheduled surgery on Fri. in Warren. They found 2-3 arteries 80% blocked & some others that show a lower amount of blockage. So, they scheduled the heart surgery for Wed. and cancelled the cancer surgery scheduled for Fri. in Warren. This means we will be taking another trip back to PA for a visit with family sometime the middle of Oct. No trailer, just the truck again. We can't believe all that has happened to our families and friends since we have left the area! Please keep them in your prayers. Knowing this is what Bill's mom went through makes things very scary.

Today in my email, I received a picture taken by a fellow camper across the road from us in Maryland. The boys were having a great time with a battery operated bug catcher. Unfortunately there was only two bug catchers and 4 boys. Nick and Noah are on the right, the other little guy is Shirley's grandson, & the guy in the front (Owen) is the owner of the bug catchers.

A note to my blog readers......Look at the counter!!!! I have almost 600 hits! WOW. Never thought that many of you would be reading! Thank You! Not many leave a comment, but let me know if you are the one to hit the 600 mark!

Mark is on leave for the next 4 days so hopefully we will get to do some things with him if he isn't tied up with catching up on his work at home. I think tomorrow he is going to install our new motor in our fireplace. The part came to his house, so now it is here waiting for installation. He and Samuel stayed at the trailer with us on Fri. night. It was fun to have the little guy here. Mark & I sat around the fire until after 2AM. I don't remember the last time I stayed up that late (except of course to read when I couldn't sleep)! I have many of those nights. Sometimes I just wake up around 1am & then have to read until I can go back to sleep. Why is it when you get older you can't sleep????

Well that's about it for now. Will keep you posted on the "highlights" of our life.

Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

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