Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Trying to Catch Up

WESTERN DAYS - 02-25-11
Sheriff Ed B.
Jennifer & June
My honey & I. I picked up the dress at Sunshine Acres Boutique. Thought it would be cute as a nice sundress. A little chilly that day so had to wear a shirt under it.
Jerry picking up a WHAT? Oh, I guess it's fake poop!
Cousins, Wanda & Shirley, Michigan friends.
Neighbors, Brian & Cathy
My friend Jan & I
Ruth - WOW
Friends Connie & Tom
Cowboy Bill - some dancers on the patio
Sheriff Ed taking Ray to jail
Roger in jail with Gert, Donna & Kay. Having way too much fun.
Peg, Jan, Camilla & ?
Friends Camilla & Roger
Snow on Superstition Mountain 02-27-11

Hiking with Fran (from Warren, PA) & gang from Rock Shadows Park 03-04-11

Fran & cousin

Holes show how Indians used to grind corn
Beautiful colors in the rocks

Now that is one OLD saguaro
Little guys like to hike too. Saw them on our way back out.OSCAR NIGHT 03-04-11
Friends Dick & Jan
Alisa & Danny
Mary Ann & Peg
Peg & Friend Nancy from Ogdensburg,NY She has her eyes shut. Too bright lights or too much wine?
Friends Chuck & Denice, Warren, PA
Friend Nancy from NY
Some of the gang
SuperCom Computer Club 10th Anniversary, March 18th
My Co-Teacher, Ben
Gayle, Marlene, Ben, Peg, Velda, & Rene
A "sea of red" to Support Our Troops each Friday
Neighbors Dorothy & Leland
Computer Club Geeks, Mike & Dick
Flowers at Larry & Carols, 03-20-11
Walking Club Party - Anita was our hostess, but because of rain, we met in the Hopi Room 03-21-11
Peg's Painting of Desert Bloom done at Corbett's Studio 03-22-11
My orange blossoms 03-27-11
Queen of the Night flowers on cactus outside trailer 03-27-11

So now I'm into April and need to catch up again. I just can't seem to get going with this any more. I need more time.... Oh, I forgot, I'm retired. So where does the time go?

I seriously will get more done in the next week or two.

Until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's