Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Are Still Alive!!

Okay, so I'm not very good at keeping this site up-to-date while we are sitting in one spot! I do much, much better when we are traveling.

We seem to be so busy with activities that when I finally get on the computer I read my emails, look at Face Book & then it's time for bed. I find if I don't keep it up, I get so far behind that just getting the pictures uploaded takes forever.

I'll try to be short with my stories, captions, whatever, so I can get caught up a little bit. My family has lost faith in me, in fact, I'm not sure they even check this site anymore.

This is my Christmas Cactus that I haul back & forth from the East to the West each year. This year it blessed me with 117 blossoms!! In fact as I write this (2 mo. later - there are 5 more blossoms, which I guess normally would be about Easter time if it wasn't so late this year!)
January 12th brought another "surprise" party for my birthday. For some reason, I just can't get Bill to understand enough is enough! Next year I'm taking the day & heading some place far away from the park either with a couple friends or all by myself!! He ends up inviting everyone it seems!
Tables up & down the street - but a beautiful day. Couldn't celebrate like this back in PA or NY!
Alisa, David, Mona, Bill
Roger, Jan, Camilla & Tom
Neighbors & Friends
Wasn't a small party was it??
Dorothy, Laura (reminds me of my mom), Joyce, Marilyn
Peg, Bill, Tom, Louise, Chico
Lynda, Lou, Denice & Chuck
Love it! This is the plant that has a history. It started from my Grandmother Wiltsie, to my mom, me, my kids each have one off my original, & this is from my original. The BIG one I had to leave when we sold our house now resides at the gal above sitting in the chair - Denice!
My brother, Herb, arrived Jan 18th. Now the fun begins!
We taught him to play shuffleboard
Ron & Butch

Bill & Herb played the 2nd game
Hmmmm, I think Herb is ahead. Quick learner
Bill & Herb at Organ Stop Pizza
Let the Wurlitzer shine! Entertainment (& the pizza) is always fantastic here. We went with a group from the park so it's buffet.
Outside Organ Stop. You can see the big pipes in the background.
Superstition Mountains
Superstition Old Town gun fight.
Peg & Herb with Elvis at the Elvis Presley Chapel

Typical old miner depiction
Four Peaks
Canyon Lake
On our way to Tortilla Flats, AZ

Tortilla Flats - a quaint stop that's a big hit for tourists
Outdoor patio music
Dollar Bills from everywhere
Curvy mountain road
Herb helping Roger get started on putting on our new mud flaps. Oops! Don't have everything we need. Got my instructions on what to buy. Then Roger hurt his back so the job didn't get done. (Yet - tomorrow 03-30-11, the 2nd one will get put on).
Ready for the Play Offs - Brian & Cathy are from Wisconsin. Now how did you figure that out?
What a spead!
We took Herb to Comedy Club show while he was here. These gals are the meat behind the scenes & also the joking orators. Boy, do they pick on each other. This is Gert & Kay.
Couldn't ask for a prettier view. Sunset? No way! This was Sunrise. We leave on our all day jeep trip at 7:20AM. Suppose this is why they call our park Superstition Sunrise?
Picking up Chuck & Denice. Sorry she's blurry, but she hardly ever stands still!
Herb in the front seat of the jeep with Clay
Superstition Mountains as the sunrise fades into daylight.
The following are some of the paths (not roads) we rode through into Box Canyon & all over God's country. It was a little bit too long of a day for me! My back was killing me by the time we got home at 4:00pm.
Rough ride
Yup, all those tiny roads/paths is where we was or where we was goin'.
What, no guard rails?

You could drop a pop can down this old mining hole & hear it forever before it stopped. I can't remember how many feet they say it is. I want to say 350', but I'm not sure. My memory isn't too good. Remember, it's been awhile since we took this ride, now I'm trying to write about it.
Taking our lunch break
Oh, I want to do this soooooo bad.

Steep, steep, steep. I hope the brakes work! Oh, we already made it down. This was one of the last jeeps.
Carving Show
Beautiful Work

Lapidary Shop
Stain Glass Shop. I made one of those blue & clear pin wheels. The rose was a drawing. Nope, I didn't win. I've enjoyed doing stain glass this year. I'm not interested in doing any big projects, but I would like to make some gifts for family next year.
Rock Shop/Clock Shop - They cut the stones, you pick, put together, put the clock on, pour the clear coating & decorate as you wish. Some beautiful work when they are all done.
Herb with Superstition Mountain in background.
We took Herb, Chuck & Denice & went to Eloy, AZ to watch the sky divers. You sit so close, it's so much fun to watch. Everyone enjoyed the day. This was a tandem jump - probably a first timer.
Another tandem
Herb, Chuck, Denice & Bill
This is where you can go & experience sky diving without jumping out of a plane.
Monday Night Jam Session
Rainbow over the neighbors
My brother, Herb, & me.
Herbie's last night here we took him to the Arizona Opry. It is a great dinner & show. I think he really enjoyed himself. Sad that all great visits have to come to an end. Each place had dessert sitting on the table when we went in. Now, we are both Wiltsie's. Do you think we could leave that chocolate cake until "after" our meal????? No way! It was gone long before our dinner was served. And speaking of which. We had chicken dinner. They served 425 dinners in 23 minutes!
This is Brenda, of the Barleen twins, on the drums. Boy can she play!
The twins (Brenda & Barbara), husband George on left & rest of band.
I can't remember how many instruments this guy can play, but he is definitely a professional!!
Sadly we said goodbye to Herb on Feb. 2nd. I sure hope he comes back another year to visit. We have many more sights to see. I felt bad that the 2nd day he was here, he got word from his son & brother-in-law back home that his house was broken into & ransacked. What a mess. Two have been caught, I'm not sure about the others. Maybe it was a good thing he wasn't there to see the mess or be caught in the middle of a break in.

While we were enjoying a beautiful (but cool) winter, this is what they were getting in Candor, NY. Pictures of Dee's van. I don't think she went anywhere that day. March 7, 2011.

Randy's truck. I do think he had to go to work though.
Well, this catches me up "a little bit". I'll try to get more done in the next week.

Until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

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