Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Just one more day left of 2010. It has been a super year, but sad too.

We were excited to have bought a park model in our Arizona park. (now at the end of the year we are wondering WHY!), but we do like being close to everything & all our neighbors so far are wonderful.

We are thankful that our daughter & family have moved from Maryland back to our hometown of Warren, PA. It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with them & the kids this summer. We enjoyed having them camp with us.

We made a trip to Michigan again over Labor Day to party with family, visit with relatives & friends & tour around our friend, Shirley's, hometown of Cedar Springs, MI.

While in Michigan, we got a call that Bill's brother was diagnosed with lung & brain cancer. We cut our visit short & came home to see him in the hospital. We visited as often as we could knowing that when we left to come back to Arizona, we wouldn't get to see him & visit again.

We visited our son Mark & family in Virginia Beach for about 10 days & then began our trek across country.

Stopped in Pine Mountain, GA to visit friends MaryJo & Frank, Dianne & Dave. Had a wonderful time for 4 days. Toured & visited lots.

On to Texas & visited with friends Judy & Jerry for 4 days. While there we spent a day in Madisonville, TX at the Texas Mushroom Festival where a former classmate, Father Mike, has his church & chairs the festival. We had a great time.

Finally we arrived in Apache Junction on Oct. 26th. Bill broke 2 ribs the day we got here. We have made many, many repairs to this candominium. From new water pipes to new wood on outside of AZ room, to new decking & carpet. Still more to be done, but we will get there slowly but surely. If we do it all this year, we won't have anything to do next year. LOL If we could only find where the rain comes in the AZ room & the shed!!!!

We flew home Nov. 18th to attend the funeral of Bill's oldest brother, Bobbie. We are so grateful to God that he did not suffer any more than he did. He was in a lot of pain toward the end, but thankfully he went without further hospitalization. He was able to be at home & even went fishing the week prior to his death. Thank you Lord, for his life & all he did for us over the years. He was a beautiful woodworker. Unfortunately, with not having room in our 5th wheel, we didn't get to keep any of the beautiful things he gave us. That is the sad part!

We returned from PA in time for me to begin having laser surgery on my varicose veins. So far everything has gone very well. A long way to go yet. Will start on the right leg in January.

We spent a nice Thanksgiving & Christmas with friends here in the park. Dinner at the club house with friends & the rest of Christmas day with friends.

This was our year in a nut shell. Nothing very exciting, but at our age, we like it that way!

Today at my stained glass class the girls said "oh look, it's snowing!" Sure enough. For about 2 minutes, Apache Junction had snow!

Looking forward to a fun & busy, and healthy 2011. Happy New Year to you all!

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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