Sunday, December 26, 2010


We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and spent the day with family or friends no matter where you were. We missed our little guys at Christmas this year, but we did enjoy the day with friends.

We shared fellowship & dinner with 22 friends at our table at the Club House. Thanks to Norma & Ralph for inviting to share with them. In the afternoon we came back to the trailer & got ready to have good friends, Camilla & Roger, over for the afternoon. We decided the four of us would go down & play some pool, then come back for goodies.

After talking with my daughter, Renee, again, I hit the bed. I was exhausted. I couldn't believe how tired I was & I didn't even have any grand kids around!! I slept from around 8:45pm until 6:30am this morning! That isn't like me at all!

This morning after church we finally reached our son, Mark & his family. They had spent Christmas week in the Bahamas. They returned to snow in Virginia last night. He said they had about 6" & were expecting another 6" before night fall. I hope those crazy drivers there are careful. They aren't used to driving in that stuff. They had a good time on their trip, but the weather was rainy off & on & cool according to grandson, Samuel.

Renee will be jealous to learn that they got to swim with dolphins. I think that is something on her bucket list. Both Samantha & Samuel said it was fun & neat.

Again, no pictures. I didn't take my camera to the Christmas Dinner yesterday & there isn't much to take when it's just two old people opening simple Christmas gifts! Why does it feel so awkward when there is only two of you? Maybe that's a sign to not do it any more. Better to give to those in need instead.

One of the best gifts I received, was that my brother is coming to visit us for a couple weeks the middle of Jan. I can't wait! I don't think we'll fight like we did when we were kids. LOL We hope to show him a little of our area & pray for nice weather while he is here. I certainly will take pictures then!

Our Warren, PA friends, Chuck & Denice will be heading here to their new park model on Thursday. Should arrive on Sunday! We are getting excited to see them & share some quality time with them too!

We wish everyone a blessed & healthy New Year.

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's


Sue Wildemuth said...

Hi Peggy and Bill,

My name is Sue Wildemuth and I saw one of your blogs about your trip to Georgia. One of you took a picture of an NRA Eagle quilt. That is my area of study. I will like ot ask your permission to use that photograph. My web site is
My contact information by e-mail is on that site. Would you please contact me about your trip to Georgia and seeing that quilt.
My blog is eye of the needle quilt history. Thanks -- Sue

Sue Wildemuth said...

My name is Sue Wildemuth and I saw your October 2010 blog about your trip to Georgia. You took a photograph of an NRA Blue Eagle Quilt at the Little White House Museum. I was hoping that I could obtain your permission to use and a copy of that photograph to put with my NRA Blue Eagle Quilt research. I can access the photo right from your blog, but I wanted to ask your permission to do so.
My web site is
and my blog is Eye of the Needle Quilt History. My contact information is on my web site.

Peggy & Bill said...

Yes, Sue, that would be great of you to use that photo. I looked at your website & it's very interesting. You've done a lot to put it together. I have a childhood friend that lives in Chatham, IL just southwest of Springfield. She & her husband are both quilters. They have done some beautiful work!