Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Catch Up Day

Here I am, behind again. I didn't think about taking my computer with me when we went home to PA. I forget that I now have Internet wherever I go. Oh well. The only thing I really would have liked was to download my pictures. I ended up having to delete some as I don't have an extra chip so when I fill it up, I'm stuck. You might know, when you go to see the grand kids, you need all the space for pictures you can get. One of these days I'll have to buy another chip.

The week before we left to go home we received news on Thursday from our daughter, Renee, that while she was taking her lab outside, Belle was attacked by a pit bull. She spent all afternoon & evening at the vets. Thought things looked fairly good for a recovery, but on Fri. evening she passed away. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I think the family is doing well now. She will be missed greatly as a pet and also as security for the family in the neighborhood they live in. Maybe someday if they move to someplace that has more yard where the dog & kids can play, they can think about getting another one.

We moved our trailer to another spot on Sunday before we left & then headed to PA on Mon., the 13th.
Trees on Interstate 80 on the way to PA
Visited with Bill's sister on Tues. She looks really good. Doing well. This Thurs. she visits the heart doctor who did her surgery to see what he says about when to proceed with the cancer surgery. She has a very positive attitude & that is half the healing process. Everyone's prayers sure were appreciated.
On Wed. I got to have lunch with my friends Judy & Sarah. Had a great lunch & lots of gabbing. Bill got to visit friends in N.Warren & get caught up with all the gossip there. I think we miss our friends & family back home the most since beginning on this journey.
Bill took pictures around N. Warren of changes started/finished since we left:
Warren Commons - Walmart; Lowes, Applebees, Burger King, other stores built in farmland across from State Hospital where we worked
Kay Jewelers - Powerhouse to State Hospital in background across Rt. 62
New Hampton Inn being built above N. Warren Sewage Plant where Bill worked after Retirement from State
North Warren Elementary where our kids went to school - School Bell & memorial built by Scott Brothers; Pavilion in background, parking lot on right with playground in background. Our church built the pavilion & is across the street. Made a nice park for N. Warren's use.
Not complete without a picture of our old home on State Street with the tree we planted after moving there to shade kitchen window where Bill sat to eat!
On Wed. afternoon I went to visit with my former boss, Bobbie, & her, Mary & I went over to where they were preparing to have a surplus sale. I even volunteered to help do some of the work I used to do. Not much work in reading off numbers/writing them down, but the bending & climbing around is the hardest. Also, getting the trifocals to focus on the numbers! Anyway we had a great visit. When Security informed us they had locked the door, I decided it was time we ended our chat & met Bill at the switchboard. He was visiting there with a former co-worker. I think she is the only one left of the "old guard". Everyone else has retired. More women in security now than men I believe. Amazing. Equal rights has come a long way!

Wed. evening we met my sister & her husband to take them out for supper for their 53rd anniversary. Went to Bellview East in Falconer, NY. We got enough for 3 meals! Needless to say, it was "boxes to go".

Thurs. morning we left Bill's brother's home where we stayed (Thank you millions, Bobbie & Sandy), & made a fairly quick trip to N. Warren again. My friend Judy, gave us bunk beds that were in her garage to take to Renee's boys. That was very nice of her! Thank you Judy! Glad to help you clean out your garage & glad you were able to give them to Renee & Tom.

We arrived at Renee's around 4 or so. Unloaded beds, suitcases, etc. Long story short, I lost my 90 day prescription between the unloading somewhere. But when I got back to Virginia, we found them in another zipper part of the suitcase! Renee said I need a double dose of those vitamins with the memory support!!

On Friday we went shopping with the kids & Papa in the morning, then by late afternoon we took them home & Renee & I went out again. She was looking for a dress for a wedding. Wow! NONE of the stores sell dresses anymore. All pants, skirts & ugly tops!!! Finally ended up back at the first store (The Dress Barn) & got the one she liked from the beginning. Then we had to get plywood for the beds & one new mattress for the other bunk bed. We were pooped by the time we got back home at 8pm! Hungry & tired! But our mission was accomplished. Even threw in a few extras - new shoes, Halloween costumes & the makings of a scarecrow costume too.
Grandma's help at making a scarecrow costume (pj's don't count) Straw needs trimmed for finishing touch
Saturday we told the kids we were going to take them on a "field trip". When we got to our destination, Nick just wanted to run around in the "field" by the parking lot. Didn't take much to make him happy!!! Really, we went to the Baltimore Zoo. Everyone had a great time. It was cold, but the sun was shining. Another day of tired legs & feet by the time we got home.

Hunter, Nick & Noah on bronze lion at Baltimore Zoo
Baby Elephant born at Baltimore Zoo

Hunter, Renee, Noah & Nick - the Geckle Animals

Sunday Grandma gave haircuts before leaving. We left for VA by noon. Took a different route back to campground. It was a nice route & didn't have to fight a lot of traffic on the Interstate.

Yesterday we got all our water problems solved. It was a combination of things, but nothing within the trailer (except we no longer are using our water purifier). Now we have lots of pressure & can even take a decent shower! Thanks, Ricky, for all your help!!! A great camper friend!!

Today is Samantha's birthday. THIRTEEN! Gosh, our first teen grandchild! Have a great day Samantha! We love you!

This weekend my niece & her husband (Donna & Larry) are coming down from Warren to visit her daughter, Traci. It will be Donna's 50th birthday! Gotcha Donna! Hope we get to do some celebrating while you are here in V. Beach!

That about catches up our past week(s). Time to relax again.

Until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

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