Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Wishes For You!

Just wanted to say hello today to everyone & wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Still cool in AZ. Went out for supper with 14 of the neighborhood gang last night & then we played cards outside until we ran out of propane for one of the heaters & it started to get too cold to sit out. Certainly don't want to catch our death of cold at this stage of the game. We keep hoping the warmer weather will return SOON! Some of you have teased us about it being cold out here, but as I said's winter in AZ too, but we aren't shoveling & the heater only runs when it gets below 65 at night. We don't need it during the day at all! So you see.....we are still one step ahead of some of you!

This is Tom & Phyllis' Card House! This is how we put up tarps around the patio & then put the propane heaters inside. Ususally pretty cozy. We did the same thing at Faye & Gene's trailer for Christmas Eve supper/party.

Today we went for breakfast at the club house & then came home. Had tea at the neighbor's while Bill read the hometown paper. I helped Phyllis roll up the tarps so they are ready for the next time. Tom thinks we should be playing cards in the afternoon so we aren't sitting out in the cold. We usually go to eat at 3:45pm & are home by 5 so we start playing cards early & get home early. Last night I thought it was late when we got home so I got ready for bed. When I looked at the clock it was only 8:30PM!!! Oh well, went to bed & read anyway. It was warmer in bed. I put an extra blanket on. I never should have taken that electric blanket off last month!!! Been cold ever since. We don't use it all night, but it sure warms up the bed before you get in!

Bill just went to play cards, so I think I'll drive out to Target & return my camera from last week. Need to stop at the store & pick up a couple food items. I guess I should make my honey a nice supper since he bought me roses for Valentine's Day. Since we had that wonderful massage on Wednesday, that was our Valentine's Day. So we will stay home & cook tonight.

Renee & Tom bought a new (car) yesterday, so they are pretty excited about their Valentine's Gift to each other. I'm glad they were able to get one. Sounds like they did pretty good. It's a 2003 Hyundi & only one owner with 47,000 miles on it. So I don't think it was used very much. That's only 5400 miles a year! I hope they have better luck with it than some from the past. At least it has 4 doors & with kids in & out of booster seats, it will be much better for them too. Now I won't worry so much about them getting to dr. appts. & picking kids up from school if they are sick, etc. It's always hard to depend on someone else, say nothing of having to have someone run you to the grocery store. Congratulations Guys! I hope you enjoy it & it is good to you!

Got a call again from my sister, Romayne, today. My brother-in-law Bob is going to start radiation treatments at VA in Williamsville, NY (near Buffalo) everyday for the next 6 weeks beginning next Wed. Keep them in your prayers. Because it is so far, they will be taking the VA bus from Jamestown to Buffalo every Mon. & then coming back home on Fri. That means a long week for those 6 weeks. I'm sure a lot of books will be read & since sis likes to do plastic canvas, a lot of projects will get done! She's like me, not a shopper, & needs to keep busy doing something. Bill always says I can't sit down for 5 minutes without doing something or jumping up to do something. Maybe it's nervous energy! Probably the nerves, not sure about the "energy"!

Well, guess there isn't anymore news for now, so until next time......................The Traveling Cardinal's

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