Monday, February 2, 2009

We are still kicking in the sunshine!

Still eating our way through Thursday night BBQ Pot Lucks
Listening to the great music of the Jam Sessions on Monday nights
Laughing & having fun with neighbors Camilla & Roger
Dancing with Lois & Jim (both at lessons & jam sessions)
Esther & Bob from Iowa, who have now returned to that snowy cold state!
Jim & Ruby helping get ready for Super Bowl Party
Chico is ready for the game
Let the Game Begin
Bill & Phyllis
Do you think we have enough food????
That about sums up what's been going on the past week or so.

It's pretty hard to maintain a diet when the table looks like the one above!

We had a great time at the Super Bowl party, especially since we are from Pennsylvania & we had to antagonize everyone as we were rooting for the Pittsburgh Steeler's! We certainly were outnumbered! Seriously though, we would have been happy to see the Cardinal's win since this was their first time to the Super Bowl & it was a very exciting game. The score definitely showed there were two great teams playing. As Phyllis says, someone has to win & someone has to lose. They were partial to the Cardinal's as the quarterback, was a hometown Iowa boy.

Notice the picture of Bill & Phyllis. The lady (Joanne) behind Bill's head has a bag of Dorito's in her hand with a fork in it. That is called a "Walking Taco"! What a clever idea. You crush the bag of Dorito's right before you open them. Then add the premixed cooked ground beef, & lettuce & you put whatever else you want on it right in the bag!!!! Phyllis said they sold them like that at football games back home all the time. A neat idea! If you read this, pass it on.

Today I had my first ever neck massage! It was wonderful. It is a little sore, but it sure feels a lot better. I was about ready to look for a chiropractor, but I think that 15 minute massage did the trick. Should be able to tell in another couple of days. She comes to the Monday Market Place here at the park. A couple of us are thinking of having her come to one of our trailers & splitting the cost. At least 2 of us are ready whenever.

Dance classes are going well. Bill is having trouble with an ingrown toe nail, so it bothers him some no matter what he wears on his feet. He says tomorrow he's going for a pedicure to see if that might help. Today at class we did a few more complicated turns. We have trouble doing the turns, switching hands & keeping in step. But we'll get it. We have a lot of laughs anyway. We both make mistakes & to stop & start several times. But almost everyone in the class does that too, so we aren't the only ones.

Our friends, Barb & Ron, were suppose to be coming out this next week, but she got a questionable report from her doctor & now has to have several tests done. We were all very disappointed, but we just hope & pray that it won't be a serious thing & if it is, she will be strong & positive. She has always been such a caring, loving, helpful person for so many others when they have had health problems, we only hope that those guardian angels are around for her now when she needs them! God Bless Barb!

Bill's sister is doing real well with her recovery & my brother-in-law Bob is home & doing well. Need to give them a call this week to check up on him.

Well, that about does it for our "exciting" lives.

Until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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