Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Week Spent Doing ?????

Gosh, another week has gone by so fast. It seems I was just trying to get caught up with this blog thing just yesterday.

No pictures again this time.

Mon. & Tues. had Bill feeling a little under the weather so we didn't dance on Monday. That gave me a day to clean & defrost the refrigerator/freezer. One is bad enough, but in this 5th wheel we have 2. The nice thing is you can leave one running & move stuff from one to the other, that is, if you have enough room. Thankfully we have a cooler that plugs in outside too. Why is it you don't seem to have time to do this BEFORE you buy groceries????

Tues. & Thurs. afternoons I was helping to monitor an Excel 2003 class. That meant I had to give up line dancing classes on Tues. (That hurt!!!!) Next week I'll have to do that too. Next week on Tues. & Wed. I'll be taking a class myself on Backup of Computers. Something I've been meaning to learn a long time ago. I don't want to loose what I have on mine! I don't live on it, but I don't want to loose it either. You never know when it could..........shhhhh.......crash!

Pilate/Stretch classes are going well. My back still doesn't like some of the movements, but I just skip those. Did you ever notice how your hamstrings become soooooo short as you become older????? My arms are 4 times the length of my legs!! LOL You never heard a room full of women moan & grown so much and a teacher so encouraging. One of the gals told her she could be a birthing coach. We all cracked up!!! As you can tell we have a lot of fun & hopefully we will have some results from all that moaning & groaning!

Weight Watchers & I didn't have an argument this past week either! I made it through Christmas, New Year's & a Birthday I still lost .6 lbs. Now of course the next 2 weeks I'll want to be bad.....notice the word "want". Some days I fall off the wagon, but then I have to get up & get back behind that horse pulling the wagon. What a constant battle to keep our bodies in shape! I still rather do that than go to a doctor though!!!

Just to give you an update on the more serious stuff -
My brother-in-law, Bob, had his surgery this past week & it seems the doctor was pleased & optimistic. The tumor on his jaw was not wrapped around anything & appears to be non-cancerous from all the tests so far. He was able to get his teeth back in & they fit (which made him happy) & he was laughing & talking with his room mates the next day. He was able to smile with no affects of nerve damage from the cutting. He still is having some problems with getting sick, but I think that might be the effects of medication. The report from his daughter was that he did eat cherry pie & some coffee. That means he's doing good!! Coffee for a Swede is one of the essential basic foods!!! LOL He did have a fall down at the barn a couple weeks ago & they did an Xray & they think it is his rotator cuff. Another surgery??? Probably, but who knows. When you are 80, how much can your body take at one time?

My sister-in-law, Carolyn, is doing really good from her surgery. I called her this morning & when she answered the phone she sounded like the old, chipper Carolyn. She still is working at getting her appetite back, but she has a positive outlook. She is trying to stay active which is good for building her strength & body back to normal.

This coming week will be another busy one where we need the calendar with us. Because the Comedy Club had a show last night & again on Mon. night, the Jam Session has been moved to Sun. afternoon, so we won't be lacking in activities this weekend. I'm getting ready to make cookies for Chapel tomorrow as the Sunshine Acres Children's Home kids are coming & you know kids, we need extra cookies! Monday night we will go to the Comedy Club Show as we missed it last night. Besides, Monday they will have all the bugs worked out & more relaxed. Always think it's better the last night! Tues. night a big band will be entertaining & Bill wants to go hear that. Nice to be entertained with music & the price is always right ($3.00/person) & you don't have to drive anywhere either.

I wanted to paint my sign today too. (Our friend, Don, made us a state of PA that I'm going to put our name on & where we are from). But just a bit on the chilly side for standing outside to do that. I know we will have a warmer day for it. Bill & I began to wire brush the hitch on the trailer to paint too, but we had to buy a wire brush attachment for the drill. The hand tool just doesn't cut it. Want to get that done on a warm day too.

I guess I'd better get my cookies baked. The day is moving right along & I haven't accomplished much of anything yet. Before you know it I'll be asking what we are having for supper! (Dinner for some of you, but I'm still a farm girl at heart so for me it's supper!)

Until next time....................The Traveling Cardinal's

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