Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl here we come!

No pictures, no long blog......just to let you all know we are still alive & basking in the glorious sun (& Son). Weather is perfect (not like back east!! LOL), temps in the 70's.

Had a great day today with the annual Chapel's annual fellowship dinner & entertainment by gospel singer Roy Hope. Another great meal & I did try to behave myself. The church women are like everywhere......great cooks! This was the 11th annual dinner out of the 22 years the chapel has been active here at the park. Attendance this morning at chapel was 293 compared to last year of 260. Last week it was 298. God is working in the lives of many.

Bill was under the weather today so didn't go with me. No more stuffed peppers for him. Those peppers just don't like him I guess. Should have known, but I was hungry for them. Next time I'll just buy the frozen ones & make it for myself. So he stayed home & guessed it, the playoffs. Well, let me tell you, since we had TWO Pennsylvania teams in the playoffs, I had to agitate all my neighbors! I wasn't really rooting for the Eagles, but they gave Arizona a run in the last quarter. But I was glad Pittsburgh won as the other team to go to the Super Bowl. Now I can really agitate everyone in the neighborhood. They are all rooting for Arizona because the quarterback is from Iowa. So I guess I'll just have to be the odd ball & root for the Steelers! Besides, that would be traitorous if I didn't root for my home state team!

Well, tomorrow is a busy day as is the rest of the week, so I'd better "hit the hay". So................... Until next time......................The Traveling Cardinal's

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