Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Another Update

This is my friend Snookie that got me started on this blogging! She is the culprit! But what a gal! She is the best. You have a question, she'll have an answer. This picture was taken by LaVon (Baker's Blessings - great, great site! Very inspirational) & put on her blog so I borrowed it to put on mine. It is better than the picture I took that I posted last. She definitely was surprised to see me. I loved it.

On Feb. 24th the park had it's annual Mardi Gras Parade. Short & Sweet. Bill took pictures as I was at the chiropractor's. Roy from our street is leading the parade.

A few who get into the spirit
Since I haven't updated for over a week I thought I'd better let the family know we are still doing okay. Not too much to write about so will keep it short.

As I said before, our weeks are pretty much the same. The weather has been very warm this past week, in the high 80's. That's hard for you back East to swallow since your temps have been in the teens & single digits with snow! Sorry! I certainly am not envious of you. I guess you might say, that's why we chose this lifestyle. My only fear is coming back East & crossing through "Tornado Alley".

Boy, this week the quail have really been running around the trailer. I've been watching them out my window by the computer. I've tried to take pictures of them, but they run so fast I can't get them. Two of them have been getting into our trailer hitch. Bill finally put some boards up there to try & keep them out. I don't want them building a nest in there & then not having babies before we leave. Besides, we park our bikes under there & I don't want any messes on my seat! They are fun to watch. They remind me of the morning doves at home. Always talking! It must be mating season. I'll start taking my camera outside when I sit & maybe I can catch them one of these days.

Yesterday we had a block party for the north half of our street. Boy was the food good! Jim & Ruby cooked Brats & everyone brought the rest. Then you wonder why we have weight problems!! If I could just stay away from the desserts! But then that wouldn't be any fun! Needless to say we were stuffed. Then last night we played Hand & Foot with Phyllis & Tom. They beat us by 180 points! That was a Very close game! When you are looking at a score of around 20,000, 180 is almost nothing! Then of course we had to watch The Bachelor. What a mess. Phyllis had told me it was preplanned because of ratings, then I see on the Internet news today, she was correct, that was in his contract. Reality Show, ya right! Those are real peoples feelings & that's about as far as reality goes!

Today we've just stayed around the trailer & caught up on things. I got my bills paid & Bill got his papers read. We got caught up on emails with friends & family. Thinking about running to the store as I need to buy birthday cards for the month.

Monday night I went to the movies here at the club house. They showed the movie Fireproof. It was a really great movie. Every married couple should see it. Unfortunately I couldn't get Bill to go, but I really enjoyed it. I know he would have too, but you know, we each have our own interests sometimes. But if you get a chance to see it, GO. They showed it 2 separate Monday nights here because the response was so good the first time. There weren't as many the second time, but I'm sure a lot went to the first one.

I received the following from my friend Denise back home today. I hope you can open it. It is beautiful & so meaningful!

This Friday afternoon is our annual craft show. I will be showing some of my scratch art pictures. It will be fun to see all the items that other's have been making over the winter. Then on Sunday the Quilt Show will be in the afternoon after Chapel.

The next 2 Mon. & Wed. afternoons I'll be helping with another Excel class. Wish me luck, we are using Lab 2 with the Vista machines. I haven't used Excel 2007, nor have I used a Vista machine except for Back Up class & Vista Basic. I don't feel real confident, but I don't think I'll be completely lost either. Just a challenge to learn something new.

So that about wraps up our lives here in Sunny Arizona. I hope those of you in the East that read this will get rid of your cold & snow soon. About now I know you are all anxious to see the dirty snow gone & flowers in bloom. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's

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