Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh My Gosh - 18 Days Since Last Update!

I know, I know, I am waaaaaayyyyyyyyy behind! Even today I hope I can get through everything!

Oh yes, this was the full moon on March 10th. I couldn't believe how big it was!!!!! Karen & I saw it while we were bike riding. These are a couple pictures taken by my friend Marquita.

Yes, the moon does look like a ball of cheese!!!!

Maybe I should start with today & work backwards since I'm not good at remembering things in chronological order! Today is Bill's birthday. We just went to the club house for the last Saturday morning breakfast. He wanted to go out to eat with the neighbors, but they weren't up yet. Thank Goodness! I told him it was his day & he could do what he wanted. He decided to go right here at the park. Thank Goodness again as we have a surprise "out to lunch" planned for him at 11:15am so I didn't want the neighbors to have to make up another excuse. It has been a week of fibs trying to get a birthday cake decorated for him. There is another friend who plays cards with us who has a birthday today so I said the cake was ordered by his wife & since both guys play cards, it was easy to pass that decorated cake off. One is 76 & one is 66, so I just put three books of cards on it - 7 cards of 7's, & 2 sets of 6's. That made it look like 76 & 66. I can be sneaky once in a while. I'll take a picture to post later on this afternoon. We are taking him to a casino for his birthday lunch. I'm giving him a card when we get there with his "limit" inside.

Well since I didn't get this finished before we went out to lunch, here are the pictures from Bill & Dick's Birthday after we came back from the Casino. Needless to say, Bill, Joanne, Ruby & Jim did okay at the casino. The rest of us spent our little limit & went outside to wait out the hour. At least it wasn't very smoky in there & the food was delicious.

Bill (66) & Dick (76)

Peg, Bill, Dick & Joanne

Hand & Foot Cake - The guys should be on opposite sides for the ages to matchMy partner in crime, Phyllis, a very dear friend!

Wednesday evening I borrowed Gene's trimmers & trimmed our orange tree. It gets so big & bushy that it scratches the side of the truck when we back in so I wanted to trim that. Then when you want to pull out into the street you can't see down the street. Of course, Bill had already counted (LOL) the number of little green orange seed pods, so I couldn't trim all of them. I think I might have clipped a few though. Oh well, didn't want it to look like I chopped it, need it to look a little round on top. The next night we had a hard wind storm so probably some of those seed pods blew off anyway.

This past Wednesday we went on the Desert Belle paddle wheel boat around Saguaro Lake with Karen & Kerry. Had a great day & a nice time. It was a pretty ride. Saw a blue heron & an eagle. Ended with late lunch/early supper at The Native New Yorker. The manager there was originally from New Castle, PA & new all about Kinzua, Kane, Warren & Jamestown, NY areas. Needless to say it's a great place to order "back home" food too. Real Haddock, Beef on 'Wick, Philly Cheese Steak, that type of food.

Pictures from the boat ride:
Kerry & Karen

Saguaro Lake

Rock Formation Looks Like Teddy Bear Eagle Bill & Peggy
Four Peaks Mountain in background - Wilderness area now because of black bear
One of 6 deformed saguaro cactus in all of Arizona - looks like fingers & thumb

Thursday afternoon we went to a place called San Tan Flats. Went to a Saloon/Grill & the Flat Iron Steaks were absolutely delicious!!!! You can eat inside where they serve you, or outside, where you can come in & order & then take it back outside. Then they have fire barrels (on their sides) all around & wood available to make your own fires & roast marshmallows. They have a guy who sings entertainment at 6pm on Wed., Thurs. & Sun. & then 2 different bands come in on Fri. & Sat. We had tried to go there a couple weeks ago on a Sat. night & they told us we would have a 2 hr. wait!!!! They don't take reservations either. On the weekends the entertainment doesn't start until 9, so we decided to go during the week so we can get back home earlier. Bill & I danced a couple dances & Fred danced with Phyllis a few times. The wind was blowing so hard though that we had quite a lot of dust across the roads on the way home. Just like a snow storm only dust. The trailer was really rocking in the wind when we got home. The bikes & chairs had blown over, my candles off the steps blew off during the night & broke one. Phyllis's chairs were blown all over the patio. If this was what it was like in just a wind storm, I don't think I want to go through a tornado! Just pray we can get across tornado alley on the way home in May!

On Sunday, March 15th, Bill & I went to San Carlos to an Apache Pow Wow. Beautiful Costumes & very interesting. We stayed about 2 hrs. & after that the music all sounds the same - you know, the Indian drums. It was so much fun watching the little ones dance & then the costumes of the older ones.

Pictures from Pow Wow:

Little gal getting ready - beautiful beaded shoes Beautiful constumes
Beautiful beadwork - From Utah tribe

March 17th they had their annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Needless to say it was a lot bigger than last year's. Very nice.

Pictures from the parade:

My friend Lois (a fellow line dancer - 93rd birthday on March 18th) Roy with flag on Faye's new golf cart (classie lassie - my name for her)
Lynda & Nancy from the Shared Recipies Club
Fred & Ed waving
Sign says "Shriners have fun helping children" - What's a parade without the Shriners?
Lady in Red is Kathy our Country Dance Instructor & Pilate's Instructor
Bud, Bill's Pool Buddy
Ray B. Help! No Brakes!
The Envy of everyone at the park!
Audrey, Roger, John & Carol, Camilla
That evening after the parade, we were all invited to Phyllis & Tom's for the annual Iowa Steak Party. Every year they brings a cooler full of steaks packed on dry ice to share with friends. They were absolutely delicious! Those Iowa fed beef are the best! Sorry, New Yorkers/Pennsylvanians! Everyone brought a dish to pass & of course, we ate way too much!

Pictures from Steak Fry:

I think the steaks were great, we are on the desert in this picture

Don & Audrey

More of the gang
Camilla & Roger's last day with us all

On Wed. evening, the 18th, we went to Jim & Ruby's for a Krub supper. Now if you are Norwegian, you'll know what that is. If not, well. It really was pretty good. Jim's family was here visiting from Minnesota & they always eat this when they get together. Ruby said just try it, try not to gag (like she did the first time) & then say you like it. It really wasn't that bad. It is shredded potatoes mixed with flour & then rolled into balls & boiled in cheese cloth. Then it is removed from the cheese cloth after cooking & served with bacon & bacon grease over the potatoes. Sound high in calories & cholesterol??? You bet, but what the heck. You have to try something different now & then. We had a fun time.

Pictures from the Norwegian Krub party:

Jim, Ruby, Carol, Judy & Bob

Krubs cooking in water

Removing the cheese cloth Krubs

We've also attended 2 block parties for our street, along with the New York State party. Since we stay in NY State when we return to Hidden Valley & we no longer have a "house" in PA, they invite us to party with them. This time we just had snacks & finger food. Of course, you can really eat a lot of that too! Since we want to travel to the New England states in late summer/early fall, we got addresses from some of the friends from NY to maybe stop & see them. Two of them are up along the St. Lawrence Seaway. One was the gal that was so sick with the pancreatic problems, so would like to stop & see them.

Well, I guess that about sums up the last 3 weeks. So since I've written a book..........Until Next Time.......................The Traveling Cardinal's

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