Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a Short Update

I know I've been lax again about updating. So this one will be rather short.

This past week we said goodbye for the summer to several of our friends here at Superstition Sunrise. Hopefully we will all be back again next Fall/Winter. Our friends, Phyllis & Tom, made it back to Iowa safe & sound. They called us a couple of times to let us know where they were & when they were pulling in their driveway. They had quite a bit of wind on the way home, but I think that just made them go faster!! LOL We sure miss them. The corner of John Garfield sure is quiet!
Wednesday night our friends from Georgia stopped in & said come on, let's go to the Casino, so we went with them & then had supper. Bill had a some luck again & after I spent my $20.00 I went & listened to the country music. More fun doing that. But we had a good time with Diane & Dave. They left on Thursday morning for California & some traveling with their friends who had come out here to meet them.

Thursday night was our last BBQ Potluck. There were 48 people there! Pretty good for having several people gone. Saw some new faces too. Norma B. celebrated her 80th birthday so we had a big cake along with several other desserts & goodies.

I have one more class of scratch art & then I guess I'm on my own. It doesn't seem possible that so many of the activities have stopped for the season. As Bill & I drove down several of the streets in the park today on the way back from the post office, several park models were all closed up & no one around.

Bill is still going to the pool hall to play with the guys in the early mornings though. Today we took a trip to Wal-Mart so he could buy a pool stick. Now he has his own. Not sure where he will play, except here, but he will enjoy it I'm sure. I even beat him 2 games the other night. Pretty good for me. Of course, I wait until he gets most of his balls in the pockets first, then I have a clearer shot!!!! I'm not very good at calling where the 8 ball will go though. A lot of lucky shots for me. Some just amaze me that I get them in! I've had some good mentors though. Bill has helped me a lot as did Roger & Camilla when they were here. We miss playing pool with them.
Today was very windy again. I did laundry while Bill was playing cards. I got in the pool a couple of times, but it sure was cool when you got out! Once you got dry it was okay. After I came back to the trailer I painted 2 cardinals on the side of our steps. We are going to leave them on our space as we are going to reserve the same space for next year. Hopefully no one will want steps with 2 cardinals & our names on them! Then I dusted off the truck & the trailer. It sure gets dusty around here when the wind blows. Unfortunately we have the windows open & it gets rather gritty in the trailer too. I mopped the floors & then washed the throw rugs when I did laundry.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Marquita. We went to several places, but I got a bargain at the Goodwill store. I finally found a jean jacket that I could afford! $9.99 - pretty good. It was with the men's clothing, but I think it is a woman's. Today I washed it & then I bought 2 butterfly iron-ons & put on the back yoke. So now it really looks like a woman's. Not too bad. Last week I bought 5 T-Shirts & put designs on 4 of them. 5 T-Shirts for $10.00 plus the designs - bargains again!
I finally got my computer backed up on an external drive. I took the computer class on how to do it, but of course, it didn't work quite like it was suppose to. I didn't do anything wrong, but the external drive was set up different than we thought it was. Fortunately I was still here & our head computer geek, Dick, was still here too. He stopped to see how I made out & I said I don't think I did it right. He came in & spent the next 1-1/2 hrs. making things work right. We started over & then it worked. Good thing he came. I didn't have a clue about NTFS (or NFTS whichever), FAT16, FAT32. Greek to me!

I talked to my niece, Dee, this morning. Today was her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE! Doesn't seem possible I used to babysit her! Now she runs a daycare! The patience of Job! She said she had talked to her sister Donna, & her husband Larry who has leukemia & is in Pittsburgh, PA hospital, is doing pretty good. His bone marrow test looked good. They had to take it twice, not sure why, but glad that it looked good. He still has fever & chills (his bodies way of fighting the disease). We keep emailing him to keep him encouraged! Hang in there Larry! Donna was feeling down this weekend as she has a cold & couldn't travel down to see him. At least they can call each other.

My brother-in-law, Bob, is all done with his radiation treatments in Buffalo, NY now too. This week was there first week home after spending 6 weeks of treatments in Buffalo. I'm sure my sister & him are really glad to be home! He did well with his treatments & we just hope that the outcome will be good for him also.

My friend Barb in Erie, PA has had her first surgery, now she just has to heal so she can go back & have the second surgery to have her thyroid removed. She is a fighter, so I know she will do well.

We will keep all of them in our thoughts & prayers!

Speaking of talking to Dee, her & her husband Randy will be traveling home to Frewsburg for Easter, then to Andrews AFB to see their son re-enlist in the Air Force & after that to the World Woodcarving Show, I think she said it was at Ocean City, MD (am I right Dee?) Here are the carvings he is entering in the show:

Harris Hawk

Blue Birds

Beautiful work Randy! We wish you luck & let's hope you get a blue ribbon for all your hard work.

Well, I guess I'd better get this posted. So, until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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These wood carvings are beautiful!!