Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Farewell

Tuesday one of the neighbors down the street said "Farewell" to her old trailer. On Wednesday morning the new one was delivered. I haven't been down to see the progress of today, but once they get going I'm assuming work will go fast. I wanted to take a picture of them pulling the old one out but my batteries died. Then yesterday morning I wanted to see them put the new one in & it was already in by the time I had my shower! Here are the pictures of the old & the new:
Ready to roll
Where did we get so much "stuff"????In with the newEntrance side view

Tonight we had another farewell party for our neighbors down the street from Manitoba - the ones that celebrated their 51st anniversary last Sunday. They will be leaving tomorrow. So a few from the Thursday Night BBQ gang gathered for one last pot luck & to share in the fun & fellowship. Happy, safe travels, Lou & Lynda.

Two others on the block will be leaving tomorrow too. Trudy & Wilf will be heading back to Canada & our good friends, Lyle & Joey will be leaving tomorrow for their home in S. Dakota. She had a call that her sister was hospitalized & knew it was for the best if she went home. We pray for a safe trip & will keep your sister & your family in our thoughts & prayers. We will miss you!

Do you know what all these people who have to clean out their winter park models do????? IF they have time they feed everyone in the neighborhood, if they don't, they pass all their perishables on to those of us who "haul" their homes along with them. My freezer is full, my cupboards are full & I haven't even been to the grocery store! Just kidding, we have bought groceries, but I have inherited: flour, Cranraisins, steaks, pork chops, wine, walnuts, maple syrup, Rice A Roni, & who all knows what I can't remember.

My niece, Dee, called me & told me I had to make a couple corrections to my blog entry of Sat., April 4th. One great surprise.....Donna's husband, Larry, who was in Pittsburgh, PA hospital for Leukemia treatments, came home on Mon. evening. Not sure how long he will be able to spend at home before he has to go back, but that was good news because they were waiting for his blood count to go up. Your prayers are working! God is Good!

The other correction isn't so good. I had posted pictures of the wood carvings that Randy was to enter in the World Woodcarving show in Ocean City, MD......well, he had to cancel because of a work situation. They will still get to see their son re-enlist in the Air Force, but Randy works for Lockheed Martin & just feels better about being at home & at work at this time. If any of you have been reading the newspapers lately, I think you will understand why. Keep them in your prayers also. This is a very trying time in these economic times.

This morning I went to my last scratch art class. Another sad time to tell everyone goodbye. We have such a good time in that class. A time for the women to let down their hair & laugh about most anything. If you felt your ears burning, we were probably talking about you! LOL

This afternoon I went to my friend Marquita's & we made 2 pair of bead earrings. I wanted some black ones & some red, white & blue ones. It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun. I looked at my watch & it was 5 to 4 & I felt like we had just started! We need to do that again some afternoon before we both leave. I'm not very creative, but she was very helpful. Thanks, Marq, I had a great afternoon. It was a "let's do it again" day!

Well, that's about all for this time so........until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's

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