Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Closer to Departure

This will be a short update with no pictures. Every once in awhile I wonder where my camera is. I haven't had it out in awhile. I guess I haven't been doing anything exciting! More like working in the mornings & evenings & enjoying the pool in the afternoons.

Today, Tues., it got up to 100 deg.!!! We've had a couple of days in the 90's & one more day of it I guess. So what else do you do when it's that hot except stay underwater!?!

I have cleaned out all my cupboards & reorganized them AGAIN, ready for travel. I took a garbage bag full of clothes to St. Vincent de Paul's 2nd hand store. No sense in hauling all that stuff around if you aren't going to wear it!

We are down to the list making for last minute things to do. Today we got the 30# gas tank filled so we can disconnect the big 100# tank we have had from the gas dealer. They will pick it up after we have gone. They have several in the park to pick up so I guess they do one big pick up.

I have the travel plans written down with campground information listed for the first leg of our trip. Found out one of them we wanted to go to we wouldn't fit. Too long. Oh well, this way we can stay at another campground farther away, take the truck & drive & look at the scenery without having to worry about the trailer behind us.

We plan on visiting the West Rim of the Grand Canyon (never been there). The public can't drive only so far, then an Indian Guide takes you by shuttle bus the rest of the way. This is where the new Sky Walk was built that is the glass horseshoe out over the canyon. I know I won't walk out on it, but I do want to see it. Then I want to take the train from Williams to the South Rim of the Canyon. Haven't told Bill we are doing that yet! Got to surprise these guys with something special sometimes!

So, I'll make up for no pictures this time in about a week.

We have to be at Camping World for new tires at 10am on Fri. morning so we will be pulling out of here around 9am. I thought it would be hard to say goodbye, but most all of our friends, except one couple, will already be gone. Faye & Gene will be leaving on Sunday after us. They were told to lock the gate & put the key under the rock for the first one of us back next Fall!

Oh, by the way, LaVonne......I couldn't believe what I saw down on the corner from us!!! We call it the local "K-Mart". Really it's a bunch of vendors along the side of the road. One of them was selling 2 DEAD TREES out of the back of his pick-up!!!! I didn't have my camera, but I thought of you right away. I couldn't believe it!!!

So, until next time......................The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

See, I'm not the only one who likes dead trees. I wonder if they sold them. You and Bill stay safe and take lots of pictures. We are on the road to Parker and then on to Pahrump, NV on Thursday, the 30th.