Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Beautiful, Warm Day in AZ

Just a very short note to say HI & let you see the pictures of "my" (ya right!) Harley leaving the park. Karen & Kerry left this morning. I think he's excited about getting that bike home! The beginning of the trek to Oregon:
Don looking to make sure everything is hitched okay

Quite a train!
Turning the corner
Karen bringing up the rear, all by herself!

Bill's pool partner, Richard & his wife Mary, left this morning too. Hope they have safe travels back to Minnesota.

I guess I should take some time this morning to clean out & rearrange some cupboards so I won't have so much to do later on. We want to make arrangements to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens again in the next week or so. They are featuring a display of Chihuly, The Nature of Glass until May 31st. Dale Chihuly is known for his innovative glass sculptures, and his work is immediately recognizable for its grand scale & vibrant colors. His creations are found in more than 200 museums worldwide. This is his first exhibition in a desert garden environment. In the evening the exhibit is shown with lights. Everyone says it is fabulous & we don't want to miss it. Also a live butterfly exhibit is going on right now. We need to make reservations & a lady told me this morning that Monday's & Tuesday's are the best. Not quite so crowded. Since a lot of the desert flowers are in bloom at the garden it should make for some nice pictures.

I forgot to blog yesterday that my niece said her husband Larry's bone marrow test came back good. So if he continues to improve & they can get his blood count up, he might be able to come home for a week. Then he would go back for more Leukemia treatments. Keep praying!!!! They both are doing good & are giving each other strength. He has lost his hair, but has been having fun with one of the cleaning staff that comes in who also has a wig. He puts his toupee on & they laugh. I'm so glad to see him with an uplifted spirit!

I guess that is all for now until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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Bob and Snookie said...

I thought I would get caught up on your blog and while reading it, it hit me! I'm sitting in Beaudry's right now while our rig is being worked on and I realized this is where you and I met! A year ago! My how time has flown by. Sorry we didn't get together again after you came by to us but the life of an Activities Director is busy! We're now on our way to San Diego where we'll make a sharp right and head north to Alaska! Be sure to follow on my blog so you can see Alaska through my eyes. We'll be back in the fall, we'll see you then Peg. I promise. Bill, you take care and safe travels to you.