Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Week Closer to the East Coast

Gosh, it seems like time is beginning to fly by! We are trying to get all of our friends together before we see them leave. Every day it seems we hear of someone else getting ready to leave. People are beginning to talk about cleaning out the refrigerators/freezers preparing to go back to their summer homes. Those of you who are living in "snow country" are impatiently waiting for Spring. Those of us here are thinking "where or where did the winter go"??? I remember Bill's dad telling us how fast we go down that "other side of the hill", now I know what he meant!

Last Friday's craft show was so much fun. What a lot of talent this park has!!! Wow! I can remember last year's show & that is how I came to do the scratch art. I couldn't wait to get back to do it. At the table behind us a lady had made this vase with sand & zippers called zipper art. Beautiful work.

Our scratch art projects:

Teacher: Janelle with Peg's
Last Tues. I lost my keys (to truck, trailer, everything). I've searched & searched the trailer, truck, outside, pockets, etc. Asked at the offices & nothing. Last night I finally found them! They were inside the Atlas on the seat of the truck. I'd looked there before & even picked up the book, but I must never have turned it the right way. For when I took it out yesterday afternoon to use it, out they fell! What a relief. I was pretty excited. Now maybe I can sleep & not get up every morning & start looking again! Oh the woes of getting old & can't remember anything! I started out walking across the street to go tell the neighbor something, got to the end of the driveway & couldn't remember what I was going over there to tell her! Man, my brain must have gotten fried in the sunshine out here!!!

The weather has been a little cool this past week, but starting to warm up again. Haven't sat in the sun & read any this week. Been busy with monitoring computer classes again this week & next a couple afternoons a week. This afternoon is line dancing. Bill has decided he doesn't want to dance anymore so we don't take Monday afternoon lessons, so I'm back to just one afternoon a week. I miss it, but I don't want to bug him, he gets a little owly when I do that! You know...! Well, I just came home from line dancing & today ended up to be our last day! Boy am I going to miss that!

Saturday 7 of us gals went to the Swap Meet & then out for coffee & a snack. We had a great time. Lot's of laughing - you know, that tension reliever.
Yesterday I went to chiropractor in the morning, then class, then came home for about an hour then went & had a perm. Boy, it's short again! That's okay, it will grow & the next thing you know it will be hair cut time again!
Tuesday night we went across the street to a Fish Fry. One of the guys from Iowa had caught crappies & they invited friends to Phyllis & Tom's since they had more room. They had 3 friers going & did over 220 pieces of fish! Boy was it good! We all took something to fill in & had quite a feast AGAIN! After we ate, one of the friends (who gets us into the VFW when the gang wants to dance to the big band) brought his electric piano & entertained us with music, song & dance. What a great time we had. He used to have his own show in Vegas & had opened for many entertainers including Lawrence Welk. Pretty good for an 82 year old with arthritic fingers tinkling those keys! You name it he could play it. His daughter sings at one of the restaurants in Gold Canyon in the area. We haven't been out to hear her, but she did sing a song (after much coaxing) with her dad. Beautiful voice.

Jessie the Fisherman & Cook:
Crazy Jimmy at the piano
Here is a little of what we heard: - see video below. I'm having trouble getting videos to load & save.

Renee called me Sunday night & told me she had heard the peepers in Maryland! Lucky girl!!!! So I guess Spring is on it's way down there.

Last evening Bill's brother, Bobbie, called to tell us a dear friend of theirs & ours, Shirley, passed away at Pittsburgh hospital. She was a sweetheart. She loved to come to our house/trailer when we had weiner roasts so she could "play in the fire". She loved to add the wood & stir it around. After a little coaxing from all of us, she would tell her Ollie & Sven jokes. We will miss her very much. The kindest lady I've ever met! God Bless & be with her family, Bucky & Shari.
Well it's time to eat & change clothes for this afternoon.
So, Until Next Time.........................The Traveling Cardinal's

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