Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Super Tuesday

Just a short post - the weather was beautiful today. Cold when I walked down to exercise at 7:30 AM (48 deg.), but sun was out. Speaking of exercise - would you believe, when I was working I would walk in the door at 7:59AM, pick up the mail & be on the clock. I was not an early bird, ever! Now I get up & am ready to DANCE before exercises at 7:40AM!!!!! No one would believe how much energy we have that early in the morning. What a great group of gals we have! We may moan & groan during the exercises, but the dancing before & the laughter can't be beat!

After exercise it was off to shuffleboard. The first game was bad. The board just didn't have a consistent place to shove that puck. But the second game! WOW! I beat the same guy I played last week again. This time I beat him 89 to 14! I sure wish I would have had my camera with me! I'll not forget board #14, foot side/yellow puck for a long time! Just had to brag a little!

This afternoon was line dancing for 2 hrs. Another great time. I think I'll skip my walk tonight. Bill's gone to play cards & I have a church council meeting to take minutes for at 7:00pm.

Talked to Renee last night & they have a ton of snow & no snow plows. A bobcat did come into their street while we were talking & started dumping some of the snow in the grass. The kids haven't had school & probably won't the rest of the week (maybe). Tom got his results back from the doctor & he either had to be able to go back to work at 100% of his job or take disability for a month. The doctor said there was no way he could go back to work, so he is on disability. He had shots in his back last week but didn't seem to help. The doctor told him yesterday he has spinal stenosis & the degeneration of his discs are rubbing the nerves on the spinal cord. "If" he ends up having surgery, they said they will scrape the bone on the inside of the disc near the spinal cord. Sounds like tricky surgery to me. Just when they were getting things lined up to moved to PA. Hopefully things will still work out. He goes back in March for another set of shots & in the mean time has to have rest. I told him it's like being related to the rest of my side of the family.

Well, I guess there isn't much more to report from sunny AZ, so until next time....
The Traveling Cardinal's

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