Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Super Tuesday

Just a short post - the weather was beautiful today. Cold when I walked down to exercise at 7:30 AM (48 deg.), but sun was out. Speaking of exercise - would you believe, when I was working I would walk in the door at 7:59AM, pick up the mail & be on the clock. I was not an early bird, ever! Now I get up & am ready to DANCE before exercises at 7:40AM!!!!! No one would believe how much energy we have that early in the morning. What a great group of gals we have! We may moan & groan during the exercises, but the dancing before & the laughter can't be beat!

After exercise it was off to shuffleboard. The first game was bad. The board just didn't have a consistent place to shove that puck. But the second game! WOW! I beat the same guy I played last week again. This time I beat him 89 to 14! I sure wish I would have had my camera with me! I'll not forget board #14, foot side/yellow puck for a long time! Just had to brag a little!

This afternoon was line dancing for 2 hrs. Another great time. I think I'll skip my walk tonight. Bill's gone to play cards & I have a church council meeting to take minutes for at 7:00pm.

Talked to Renee last night & they have a ton of snow & no snow plows. A bobcat did come into their street while we were talking & started dumping some of the snow in the grass. The kids haven't had school & probably won't the rest of the week (maybe). Tom got his results back from the doctor & he either had to be able to go back to work at 100% of his job or take disability for a month. The doctor said there was no way he could go back to work, so he is on disability. He had shots in his back last week but didn't seem to help. The doctor told him yesterday he has spinal stenosis & the degeneration of his discs are rubbing the nerves on the spinal cord. "If" he ends up having surgery, they said they will scrape the bone on the inside of the disc near the spinal cord. Sounds like tricky surgery to me. Just when they were getting things lined up to moved to PA. Hopefully things will still work out. He goes back in March for another set of shots & in the mean time has to have rest. I told him it's like being related to the rest of my side of the family.

Well, I guess there isn't much more to report from sunny AZ, so until next time....
The Traveling Cardinal's

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Super Bowl Sunday Gone

Classes for Computer went very well this week. Now that I got my feet wet, I won't be so nervous this next week. I even learned some things that I don't usually use in Word too. The best part of being a teacher, you learn too.

Friday night our gang went out for supper, then back to Phyllis & Tom's to play cards outside in the "tarp enclosed patio" with the heaters going. Gosh, I don't think it will ever warm up enough to play without them! The guys were the winners at both tables, so since the girls all lost we played at one table. Oh my gosh! We laughed so much. I don't think we cared who was ahead or behind. We had Dr. Phil on first for a serious program while we were playing, then Dr. Oz came one. Needless to say, that's when we started laughing!! Phyllis, you are a hoot!

Saturday night Bill & I went to the Softball Team's Dance - 50's - 60's - Jefferson High School dance, aka ballroom at the club house. The gals did a super, super job of decorating. Below you can see it was "Welcome to Arnold's" from Happy Days.
I went down to take pictures before the dance otherwise it gets too crowded. There were 460 people there. Last year there was more, but the fire ordinance didn't like that very well, so they limited the tickets this year.

This is the stage made to look like Arnold's counter.

You can tell the menu was from the 50's-60's. Can't buy a super burger today for 59 cents!
The end of each table had a jukebox decoration.
Me & my "tea" friend, Shirley. Love the "flipped" hair Shirley!
Some of the crowd. The couple standing on the right is Sam & his "friend". Sam is 91 & plays poker with Bill. His friend is in her 80's & she looked about 65!
The following 3 pictures are of our Georgia friends. This is Benny & Tommie.
Mary Jo & Frank (another of Bill's poker buddies).
Diane & David. Diane & Mary Jo are sisters. David plays poker with Bill & is a ball player. Diane line dances with me. We all have a great time together. The 8 of us have gotten together on a couple Saturday nights in one of the card rooms at the club house to play cards. We've taught them Tonk (which they love) & they taught us Manipulation (whch I love).
This is our "muscle" friend Ray from Michigan. He & Marquita are ones we went to visit & had lunch with while we were in Michigan last summer.
This is Arnold's Cook & his waitress wife aka Brian & Cathy. Cathy is our Pilate's leader. Brian is a ball player too.
The lady in blue on the left is Lois & line dances with me. She is 92. Next to her is Dave & the two gals in white are Dona & Dave's wife, Carol. Dona is from Syracuse. The two girls were my dancing partners for some of the fast ones. We do the Thursday Night BBQ Pot Lucks together.
Velda & her friends dancing in the hallway.
Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Frank & Mary Jo dancing in hallway.
Brian & Cathy dancing in the kitchen. "Someone's in the kitchen with Dina".
Now this guy in the blue sweater had some real smooth dance moves.
We all made the remark that our kids would never believe how many of us grandparents would be out here rock'n & roll'n for 4 hours. We all said our kids wouldn't be able to keep up with us!

I did have to come home after church this morning & take a 2 hr. nap though. Wow! I couldn't believe how tired I was. Home at 11pm & up at 5:45am. No wonder I needed a nap!

We had to get our second wind so we could party this afternoon for Super Bowl. We ate at 3pm & then settled in to watch the game on the "tarp enclosed patio" again. It took me awhile to get into the game as I didn't really have a favorite. I admit I was rooting for the Colts, so it was a little bit of a let down at the end when we lost. Last year was a lot more exciting with the Arizona Cardinals & the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Here's Phyllis talking pictures & me taking a picture of her.
Sitting: Max & Marilyn; Standing: Warren, Kay, Bill & Faye
This was Mark's (from Iowa) plate. He said that was all he was going to eat. But he did have dessert.
The patio set up. The heater on the left got moved over by Tom so he & I could hog the heat. Just like sitting in front of the wood stove playing cards! Right Sis?!
So that was the end of another year of Football.

Tomorrow our Mark leaves for his 7 month deployment. I know I said this before, but they had weather delays on the East coast, so they couldn't leave until Monday. We love you son, & pray for a fast 7 months & a safe deployment. We are proud of you.

The Baltimore/Washington area really got hit with the snow this year. Renee said more than they got before Christmas. She said Tom was up & out shoveling a little at a time all night Friday night so it wouldn't build up & be too heavy to shovel. Since he's having trouble with his back, he wanted to do it in stages.

Tomorrow we get back to schedule with shuffleboard, dancing, card playing & computer class. I will be teaching Excel classes this week. Now if I could just get rid of this darn laryngitis! Every day I wake up thinking I'll be "squeak free", but no such luck. One question for you all........if you are a woman.....how do you rest your voice box????? Not a chance!

I did add some new music to my play list. I know it takes awhile to load, but it's there. Added some favorite country songs. Enjoy.

Well, that's about all for this week. Until next time........The Travel Cardinal's from sunny AZ