Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sad Day

It is with great sadness that I begin my blog today. A dear friend & former co-worker, Marilyn, lost her husband, Dan, to a heart attack last evening. He was only 59. He was a very talented woodworker & I will always treasure the little 3D wooden sign he & Marilyn gave Bill & I for our camper. Please keep Marilyn & her children Kurt & Sara in your prayers this week.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of our morning yesterday playing shuffleboard. There weren't as many playing yesterday, but we had a great time anyway. This is the first time I've pulled to play against my hubby. Look at that scoreboard! Yes, he had to pay me a nickel. Such a lot of fun, entertainment & exercise for just a nickel a game! We were playing on this end of the first court. Our opponents were Hermell on the right (from Canada & a curling player) & Dick on the left. Sorry the picture is so dark. The sun was BRIGHT! Our end gets the sun, the other end the shade on this side of the courts

When you play Courts 8-16, most of it stays sunny the whole time. But we rotate back & forth until many more players get here in the next couple of months.
Here Sharyn is giving it her shot - keep it out of the "kitchen". That's a -10!

WOW! I'm 15 points ahead of Bill! He had two 10's & a 7 & I knocked him out every time! He doesn't like to lose, but he had to pay me the nickel. The other end of the board looks rather bad too. 21 to -2! I ended up winning the nickel from Bill.
This is looking down the courts. There are 8 on each side.
Cleaning up after the game. The good wax & the gutter wax.
Butch sweeping. See the Usery Mts. in the background.
Notice how shiny the ones not in use are. Bill has been helping clean them in the early morning hours this week. The Superstition Mts. in the background make a beautiful place to play.
Today we played on the far end courts. Quite a few. I even beat Camilla's brother, Tom this morning. Poor guy had the bad side of a bad court. Then I had Francis telling me where to shoot & he was a great coach. I think the score ended up 35 to 7. I made a nickel the first game! But then I lost to Frank the 2nd game. Bill won the 2nd game with a -6 & -8. His opponent landed in the kitchen the last frame. What fun we had!

Since today is Wednesday, it's wash day again. But since it's such a nice day at least I can get in the pool again.

Got an email from Bill's brother, Denny, & sister-in-law, Gloria, that their grandson, Austin, is playing hockey. Pretty good for a 10 yr. old. This is his 5th year playing. Here is part of the article from the Dunkirk newspaper:

"Youth Hockey

Team III 6, Cazenovia Chiefs 2

Mike Meredith continued his scoring ways for Team III with a hat trick followed by a pair of goals from Seth Schrader.

Korey Gee netted one for good measure.

Jarrett Parks was credited with the lone assist.

Alex Majka, Taylor Mattoon and Austin Lewis played strong defensively, while Ben Turner earned the win between the pipes."

That's about all the activities for this week. Bill played pool & poker & did pretty good at the poker last night & yesterday afternoon.

So, until next time...........The Traveling Cardinal's

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