Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Beautiful Weather!

Today was wash day, but that's okay, I don't mind getting that chore out of the way. It's my social time as well as work time. Besides, 2 or 3 loads a week, done within 1-1/2 hrs. is only a speck out of my week. Now I want you to know that 1-1/2 hr. includes hanging some of those clothes on the line & drying in the hot sunshine & getting the ironing done too. And I still had time to sit with my feet in the pool & visit! Can't beat it!

After taking the clothes home & putting them away (gosh it was nice not having to stop & iron when I got home!), Bill & I rode our bikes back down to the Club House. Today was the Welcome Back Party for the park. The lunch of BBQ pork sandwich, coleslaw, baked beans, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, beer or soda was provided by the park & prepared by Taylor Ray's restaurant. Bill & I have ate there several times. It's similar to a Perkin's Restaurant back home. The staff here at the park served 660 people within 25 minutes. Now that is organized! The Activities Office, the Office Staff, Maintenance & Housekeeping were all directing, serving & cleaning up. Everyone did a fantastic job! Thanks, Superstition Sunrise RV Resort for our lunch today.

Here are some shots of the party served on the patio & eaten inside the ballroom, & outside wherever you could find a place to sit. This was one half of the room.

This is the other half of the room.
This was the alcove off the ballroom. Bill is talking with Gene, Faye, Ruby & Jim.
This is outside on the patio. The staff is now getting their chance to eat. Bob, the man in the middle, is our favorite maintenance guy. He's the one that helps us park our trailer! Thank you, again, Bob. I did pay him back with homemade cookies though! He said the hug was enough thank you, but I thought he deserved more than that!
Those eating in the side yard by the patio.
Some were fortunate enough to sit out on the patio, but then there weren't any seats left inside (where it was cool) for the entertainment.
Some even opted to eat pool side. Look at the blue sky!
These are some shots of friends & acquaintances here at the park.
Ralph & Norma

Eloise - She makes the best beet dish for our Thursday Night BBQ Pot Luck. Can't wait for that to start.
Carol & Dave I. We are partners in crime for the Thursday Night BBQ's. Dave keeps us in line & hopefully those of us who worked last year can take turns setting up this year. We are always looking for more volunteers. It's an easy job & everyone helps to clean up so that's not a problem.
Our neighbor Jim. You know those Seniors, they just won't hold still. Picture turned out a little blurry so I had to cut off his wife Ruby! Sorry, friend. You wouldn't have wanted to see that one!
Cleata & Larry
Audrey & Don
After lunch was done, the park provided entertainment for us too. The first part was 3 guys doing comedy. You know the Improv type, some was funny, some was so-so. Not my favorite type of entertainment.

The second part was by 2 of the 3 Branson Brothers. They sang country, gospel & Christmas. They will be performing at Fiesta Fountain here in the Valley during the Christmas season. They are from Branson.

By this time Carol was getting thirsty. I don't think I've ever seen her do this & it was only 2:00!! Dave said take a picture of that! She was thirsty, but she never did drink it all.
We got our trailer washed professionally yesterday. They did a great job & NO SPOTS this year. We waxed one side of it yesterday morning after I came home from exercise & today when we came home from the party, I did the part under the hitch. Since it was overcast & the sun wasn't shining, it wasn't quite so bad. I didn't do the other side though. I may have to do that a little at a time as the sun shines on that side all day long, morning until night.

The following pictures are some I just want to share with you. Since I've been looking at other people's pictures on Face Book, I've gotten to copy & keep a couple of precious memories on my computer.

This first picture was posted by the little boy on the left, Eddie. His sister, Lacy, is shown with him. He graduated with my daughter Renee. They lived in the house next to where we used to camp when our kids were little. You can see a couple people riding bikes - that was the campground & we were right on the corner to the left. If you look at the cute little girl with the ringlets in the lower right corner, that was my sweetheart, Renee. No, the ringlets weren't natural; they were put up in rags to make the curls. She was a pretty patient little gal.

Now this is my sweetheart when she got married! No, no ringlets. I don't think she would have let me! LOL 10-1/2 years go already! Wow, time sure does fly!
Friends Kathy and Tina
Now Kathy on the left above, is the one that posted the wedding pictures. I don't ever remember seeing this picture until she posted it on Face Book. Hmmm. Pretty handsome guy I'm smooching.
Renee dancing with her Dad.Today my niece, Dee, sent me pictures of her dad (my brother-in-law, Bob) & her sister (my niece, Donna) & their birthday celebration this past weekend. Bob turned 81 & Donna turned 51. Sorry Donna, but the closer you get to retirement, you don't care who knows how old you are & you start to become proud of that age! Glad you had a great party.
This is just one of my favorite pictures that was in an email I got a long time ago. Just kind of sweet.
So, until next time........................The Traveling Cardinal's

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