Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

The night is almost over, the ghost & goblins have retired for the night, so as I sit here & update my blog, I hope everyone had a Happy, Safe Halloween.

From My Pumpkin to Yours
There was a Halloween Dance here at the park tonight. Bill & I went down to check out the costumes & try & take some pictures. The lighting is not very conducive to taking pictures, so I'm sorry some are blurry.

This was the 1st place couple.

Neighbors, Stu & Carol
Danny & ?
3rd place in front & 1st place behind
2nd place on left & pirates are Brian & Cathy (exercise leader)
More of the parade
So you can see, no matter the age, there is a little bit of kid in all of us.

On our way home I had to go to Gene & Faye's door to scare them. They told me to take Bill on a walk down the street to see this little guy. Gene was walking this morning before daylight & the little guy almost scared the pee right out of him. So he said I was the 2nd one to scare him today.

So back to our little abode, to play catch up. Bill is sleeping in the recliner, old movie is playing.

I went to pool today (it was beautiful today!) & Bill played poker. On my way to the pool I noticed Dave & Carol were here. They arrived from Iowa last evening. Carol came to the pool & we spent time catching up.

Last night we went out for supper with Jim & Ruby, across the street, who arrived Thursday from Washington. The neighborhood is slowly filtering in.

Tomorrow we will go to church & catch up with friends that we haven't seen yet.

Tomorrow a new week begins, a new month and hope all of you on Daylight Savings Time remembered to turn your clocks back before you went to bed. Now we will only be 2 hrs. behind you.

So, until next time..................The Traveling Cardinal's

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