Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are Finally AZ Home!

Before Bill & I went out for supper with Don & LaVon on Friday night, they took us to introduce us to our neighbors. They were a couple they are friends with that were staying a week & then heading to the Phoenix area to work on a mission project. They are called Sowers. This is their "big rig truck"! Wow! You will notice it is called The Clydesdale. He said he used to pull his trailer with a smaller truck he called "The Mule". But it couldn't quite do the job so he had to buy a bigger truck & he calls this one The Clydesdale. What a hoot!
This is the emblem on their truck. Sowers means Servants on Wheels Every Ready. If you click on the picture you can see the Bible verse Gal. 6:7 & the seeds being sown spell Jesus. I love this emblem! May we all be Sowers in one way or another in our lives with whomever we meet & wherever we are. "Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." Gal. 6:7
The big truck - with the scooter for running "small errands". Can you imagine going shopping & having to park this???
Saturday morning before we knocked on Don & LaVon's door to say goodbye, we took a walk in the Cactus Garden. It covers approx. 5 acres. It is so beautiful & peaceful & it wasn't even in bloom!
Each person on the outside row of the park takes care of that section of the garden behind their trailer. There are some really unique things there. I loved this little old car & trailer. Click on the picture & see the design in the dead tree stump with the barbed wire hanging on it. Beautiful.
Even without the flowers, the cactus have their own special colors, shapes & characteristics.
Now these aren't flowers, it is just the left over pods after the flowers. Can you imagine how beautiful it was when it was in full bloom?
This is the welcome sign on the front of Don & LaVon's 5th wheel. They are such a sweet couple. Fun to be with!
LaVon's bougainvillea bush.
We got to their trailer just as LaVon was getting up (Gosh I wished I would have had that camera ready, LOL). Don had been up since 6 but let his lovely wife sleep in. Isn't he the best? Well, I know another one that's good too. Bill let's me sleep in all the time.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes & then pulled out. We were heading to Camping World in Mesa to have a new awning put on our trailer. Our appointment was for 11am. We got there a little after 10 & were there until almost 5pm. A long day sitting around, but I took a book to read, my Sudoku puzzle book & kept busy going between sitting in the sun outside & sitting in the AC cold customer lounge.

Everything went fine & we left there and arrived at our Arizona Home, Superstition Sunrise RV Park a little after 5. After giving Faye & Gene hugs, it was time to take the bike off the back, cover the neighbors orange tree so it wouldn't scratch the trailer again & then back that monster in. Gene had laid out wood strips so we could use that as a guide. We told Gene he could go ahead & back it in. He did pretty good, but couldn't get the front lined up with the back. We have to be as close to the cement slab as we can (but wanted to leave room for our flag pole holder David made us). Well, Gene worked at it. Then I got in & worked at it. Got it a little straighter, then finally Bill got in & finished it. What a job. But by then it was dark & the truck was jackknifed & we couldn't move it without getting out of line again. So Gene said just leave it. He went to get some cones to mark off where the truck stuck out into the street & we got up this morning, unhooked, lined the truck up straight with the trailer, re-hooked & made the necessary adjustments to be where we needed to be. What a job. With a 8' bed, a crew cab & a 40' trailer, it makes for a trying job. We just don't have enough room to jog it around. But we are here & here we re going to stay until April 24th!

After everything was done this morning, I took off for a bike ride while Bill showered. Got to see who was here & who hasn't arrived yet. Stopped & talked to Shirley, then Audrey & Don. Finally I ended up back at Faye & Gene's where Bill already was. We talked then played a game of Hand & Foot until it was time for the Cardinal's game to start. They wanted to watch the game. Oh, by the way, the guys beat us, but not by much. It was a very close game!

It was Gene & Faye's 5th anniversary last Thursday. He bought her 2 doz. beautiful roses & a new ring he got while they were on their cruise a few weeks ago. He is so sweet & good to her. They make a wonderful couple. There isn't a thing they wouldn't do for anyone. Gene is busy building a ramp at the trailer that Phyllis & Tom rent. They talked about it last year & now it will be done when they get here the middle of Dec.

This is the hibiscus that Faye has on her patio. It's has beautiful huge flowers.
You can see the size of the flower by looking at the pot that it's in! A pretty color too.
Well, that about wraps up our last couple of days. I need to finish up so Bill can read the newspaper.

So until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

I just love reading your blog! I feel like I'm experienced everything right along with you.
Love your pictures, too. Nancy and George will love what you said about their truck and Sowers emblem. I did, too.