Monday, October 12, 2009

Easy On Down The Road, Again

Today we began our westward trek toward our winter home. We left our beautiful park in Gulf Shores, AL a little before 8:30 this morning. The weather was humid, but bearable. Just work s.l.o.w.l.y. Then hit the truck with the air conditioner going full blast!

I drove across Mississippi until we stopped at a rest area inside Louisiana around 11:30. For some reason I was tired this morning. Bill drove & then when we stopped for diesel, there was no place to park & eat so since we had had a package of crackers & something to drink, we decided to keep going & then find a campground earlier.

This is the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama

The route to Pascagoula - place where Mark was stationed while his ship was being built several years ago.
Crossing the Mississippi
Sometime after this point I slept. Bill drove through a pretty hard down pour I guess. I didn't hear or see anything. The only thing I remember is the roads in Louisiana are ROUGH! You about bounce out of your seat, & going over bridges is horrendous.

Before I go too far, I need to make a correction to my last blog. (I'll go back & fix it). Ethan plays for Foley HIGH School not Middle School. Oops! Sorry, Ethan. My apologies!

Speaking of being with Amy & Bob last evening I had a great time playing hand bells again! I guess I didn't forget too much. A couple wrong moves & you remember rather quickly! The hardest part was playing in a little bitty room where the sound is like being contained in a tin can! I think they deserve a bigger room for practicing!

I was going to leave after practice, but then Bob asked me to stay around for their Bible study, so I thought sure, why not. It was interesting. Not a lot of talkative people (2 classes were combined last night). The topic was worship & what we expect to get out of it, what we should put into it & what are we willing to sacrifice in order to have a closer relationship with God in our worship. Without a right relationship with family, friends & co-workers, we cannot attain that close relationship with God.

We arrived at our campground site in Duson, LA (outside Lafayette, LA) around 2:45 pm. A great pull-in, easy pull-out in the morning, BUT when we were setting up we had our first experience with Fire ants! Oh my gosh! My feet were getting bit so bad I was literally dancing! When I put the electric cord out they were immediately all over it! I ran back up to the office to see if they had anything to put on them. We didn't have enough of anything to take care of that many. I'm just hoping we can get them all off from everything in the morning before we stow away that cord in our compartment!!!!! I finally got my feet from burning by putting insect bite stick on them. Bill had sneakers but they were crawling up his shoes, socks & legs. They said they have been treating them every day for the past 4 days but it keeps raining & they just crawl all over the surface of the ground. I hope we don't run into these anywhere again! Bill was ready to pull out! I feel sorry for anyone that pulls in after dark & steps in a hill or anywhere around it unless they go deeper at night.

So that wraps up our day today. Until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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