Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful in Alabama, but Hot & Humid

On Sunday Bill and I took a ride through the horse country of Ocala, Florida. I didn't realize this was the "horse capital" of Florida. I understand that most of the horses that race in the Kentucky Derby, etc., winter over in Ocala. There are horse farms every where you look. Beautiful!

Sorry about the dirty windshield!

Notice most of the trees have moss hanging from the branches. Makes for beautiful scenery, but someone told me that moss is full of chiggers. Yuck! Makes my head itch just thinking about it!
We arrived at my cousin Phyllis' around 2:30PM in Dunnellon, FL. They certainly are holding their own! Pud says he has good days & bad days & Phyllis just finished 20 rounds of radiation for a melanoma on her leg. We enjoyed chocolate cream pie & homemade cupcakes, compliments of their neighbor lady. Pud says she feeds the whole park. My other cousin, Helen & Sparky, live just down the street, but they haven't returned from Hidden Valley Campground in NY State yet. They will be back on Tues. Sparky's sister also lives next door to them & Pud's brother also lives at the same park. Seems to be a family park. Very nice & close to several stores. In fact, Phyllis says she walks to all of them.

Bill enjoyed watching the NASCAR races with Pud. Phyllis & I tried to visit. They talk about women, but those men get a little excited & talk loudly too!

It sure was fun to be able to surprise them when we called the day before to see if they were going to be home. I don't think they ever thought we would be visiting them. It sure was nice & we thank them for their hospitality!

Phyllis & Pud on their front porch.
Monday morning we got up early & took our time getting ready to leave for west Florida & Alabama. When it's hot, we take our time. We ran into rain (some hard, some light) most of the day off & on. Bill was driving in the afternoon & we still don't understand why people don't realize those roads are slick when it rains. All that oil on the roadway is dangerous. Here you can see a dually & a horse trailer that must have jackknifed & was heading back the way he was going on Interstate 10 Westbound. Didn't see any horses, so don't know if he was loaded or empty.
Just a mile or so down the road, we came upon more flashing lights. This time it was an SUV & it had rolled over. Looked like everyone was okay though.
We stopped at a rest stop before we got to Pensacola so we could stretch & change drivers. Bill isn't fond of driving it lots of traffic & cities. At the rest stop they had a Blue Angel jet on a pole. Neat. I walked around the stretching path & got a couple good pictures. They also had a "windshield washer" station both for cars & trucks here. I'd never seen that before. So of course, I had to drive through it! Must be that means Florida is noted for its bugs!
We arrived in Gulf Shores, AL at Gulf Breeze RV Park at 4:45PM. We were all set up & fixing supper by 5:30PM. Pretty good considering how hot it was! This weekend is the Shrimp Festival, so we hope to enjoy that while we are here on Thurs. night (or daytime).

I didn't call Amy to tell her we were here until after supper. She was so excited & they came right over to visit. Isaac always asks to play with the blocks. I guess no matter the age, blocks are fun.
Even big brother, Ethan, had to get in on the act.
Amy & Bob
Tuesday night Ethan had a football game after school in a town about 45 min. away. We picked up Bob & then Isaac from school & headed out. Made a stop at Camping World, then at Subway for something to eat before getting to the game. Amy had to work & then had a class she couldn't miss, so she couldn't go with. It was a good game. The team really works together. It seemed so funny to be sitting at a football game in shorts & a skimpy top & not be all bundled up for winter!!! Rather nice!

This is Ethan, #57. His school is Foley High School (Lions).

A little blurry, but he is in the front. He is the kicker for the offensive team. He does a terrific job too! Made the other team fight for every yard they got. Which, if you look at the ending scoreboard, wasn't much!
He's a really cute kid!! Look at that smile! Wonder why he's smiling???
Yup, 37 to 8. The home team didn't get that touchdown & extra 2 pts. until the last 21 seconds of the game! I think Foley thought the game was over & let down their guard a little bit. But on the whole, the team did a terrific job! It was fun to go to a game & they even wore blue & white - just like the Warren Dragons!
We got back to the school to pick up Ethan around 9pm. A long day & then he had to go home & hit the books!

Today, Bill & I stayed around the trailer this morning. He read the paper after I checked my emails & FB, then I went out & cleaned off the bugs from the front of the trailer! They sure are a mess! I hate that job! We really need to get to some cooler weather ( at least less humid) so we can get it waxed. I don't have the ambition when you sweat just walking out the door.

After lunch, we headed to the beach. It was "beach bum day". Renee, I thought about you the whole time I was there! We walked a little, but mostly I just sat with my chair in the water, finished a book & then just listened to the waves. You would have loved it! The sand is so white & it squeaks. Feels like sugar.

Tonight we did a little grocery shopping & hit the drug store for prescription refills. So we are set again for the month in that aspect.

Tomorrow will be the Shrimp Festival. Arts, Crafts, Food, Entertainment. A lot like the Neptune Festival in VA Beach, I'm sure. Amy isn't thrilled about it as there are so many people. We will have to experience it at least once anyway.

So..........Until Next Time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Don and I would love the Ocala area, but only in the winter. No bugs, thank you.
Drive careful.