Friday, October 23, 2009

Aha! Gottcha! A New Post on Time!

We arrived in Casa Grande, AZ at Sunscape RV Resort around 11:30am today. It was a beautiful, pretty day. We had called my friend LaVon to see if they had anything open in their park & she checked & found us a spot right down the street from them. The park emailed me last night & then called this morning & said the spot was available.

So here we are. We thought we would be staying longer, but it will be just for one night so we will have to talk fast & furious. (Not that that's a problem with us!)

This is our spot in this very nice park. The spaces are nice & wide & more road room for maneuverability.
The spot next to us looks neatly re-stoned & waiting for some snowbirds to return.
Don & LaVon popped down to welcome us & then left us to finish setting up. It was so good to see them again. She said to come down for a cold drink of ice water while we waited for our trailer to cool down. We ate a quick lunch & then went down to spend the afternoon visiting. Now how can 4 people who have only gotten together twice before (not the guys though, they only met once), have so much to talk about & never run out of things to say! Oh ya, Bill says I have the gift of gab & Don's a preacher & LaVon is just plain sweet & lovable. So you see, all that gab comes naturally!

We made plans to go out for supper on a "double date" as Friday night is LaVon & Don's date night. Then we left to come back to the trailer & everyone could take a quick nap.
Here Don is already looking pretty relaxed. They have a beautiful home (5th wheel).
Now we moved outside so she could take a picture of us. I thought I'd better take one outside in case the one inside didn't turn out. She put the squeeze on Don for the 2nd picture!
We went to the Creative Cafe in Casa Grande for supper. We had lots of food & fellowship. Thanks Don for being our chauffeur! It's too bad our time here is so short, but we know we both will be staying in the area until the end of April, so we will have time to get together again. Hopefully they can bring Snookie & Bob up to Apache Junction so we can all get together for a days outing or evening.

We will make it an early night so we can get going in the morning to Mesa to Camping World to get the awning installed. We think it will only take us about an hour to get there, so we hope to leave by 9am. We didn't unhook, so we are pretty much set. The park is set up so efficiently we won't have trouble getting water & electric unhooked in the morning & be on our way.

So, until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

It is amazing how much we feel like we've known y'all always. And by the way, you are an amazing writer, especially the part about LaVon being sweet and lovable. :-))