Friday, March 19, 2010

The End of Winter?????

Since we are in the month of March, does that mean our season (winter to some of you), or the Snowbird season, is coming to an end? Some of the things that signal an end to our season here in Superstition Sunrise RV Resort is the craft show, quilt show & the exodus of friends leaving the park. Within the first couple of weeks we saw many of our close friends leave for home. It is a sad time, but God willing, we will see them again in the Fall/Winter of this year back here again.

Another sign of the end to our season is the craft show & quilt show. On February 26th the Craft Show was held in the ballroom. It is always fun to see the beautiful crafts that come from the talented people here in our park. There are so many things to become involved in, there isn't time to learn or try them all.

This was my second year for Scratch Art. I know there are some techniques that I could still use help on, but I found myself becoming so involved in other activities that I quit going to classes. Hopefully I can do several more pictures on my own with what I have learned.

This pictures was one I decided to do for a friend of my sons back home. I'll not mention names until I get home to give it to him. I hope he will be pleased with it. Needless to say, a hint would be, he's my "other sort-of adopted son". He spent many hours at our home!

Remember if you want to see a more detailed picture, you can always click on the picture. This is one I've done for another relative. Nameless for now.
My good friend, Camilla, from New Mexico, has a collection of roosters in her kitchen. When I saw this picture on my calendar, I immediately thought of her. It also gave me a chance to do another picture with feathers.
These long horned sheep were done by Mary who took the class a year before I did. She does a fabulous job. She's always willing to give her help when I get stuck along with Janelle, the teacher.
Another walking friend, Andrea, is an artist in every sense of the word. These are some of her gourds that she has carved and/or painted. So much detail.
This is the backside of the buffalo above.
A fabulous paint job on this one!
Another walking friend, Marcia, teaches stained glass. This one below is not quite finished, but it was being raffled off. The drawing would be held on March 14th at the Quilt Show. I told Bill if we won it, we'd by a park model to put it in. Well, I guess it's safe to say, I didn't win, so there will be no park model yet.
The Annual Shuffleboard Banquet for anyone who had played shuffleboard anytime during the year was held on Sun., March 7th. The decorations were so cute. Someone (can't remember who) spent a lot of time making these cardboard courts with players, sticks & button (yellow & black) discs.
Those in attendance at the dinner.

Last Saturday afternoon we were blessed to have friends from back home pay us a visit to the park & then we went out to eat. MaryAnn & Dan were staying in Sedona & then Scottsdale, AZ on vacation. She had emailed me & said they were coming out & find out if we could get together. They came out around 3pm on Sat. We sat & chatted, then we gave them a tour of the park & all it has to offer. I think they liked it. They now know how we spend all our time. We then went to Coco's for supper. They had about a 40 min. drive back to Scottsdale, so they let us out & we said our goodbyes. Will see them again when we get home. MaryAnn retired the same day I did & her & our other two friends, Toni & Marilyn, get together at least once while I'm back home. Looking forward to that as always!

I didn't take any pictures of the Quilt Show this year. There was as many, if not more, quilts as last year. These gals (& some guys too), have the patience of Job! The intricate work was beautiful. One I especially liked had counted cross-stitch squares in it. I love to do the counted cross-stitch, but I don't want to make a quilt. Guess I'll leave that class up to the quilters.

March 17th, started out a beautiful day! As you can see below in this picture the sky was an amazing blue. As I sat down to breakfast (the only day I get to sit down & eat), I spotted this hot air balloon out the window by the table. I was afraid it was going to be gone by the time I got the picture. Of course, my batteries were dead, but I got them changed just in time. A tree was coming up that it went behind.
There was a St. Patrick's Day Parade at 10am, but Bill & I opted to play shuffleboard instead. The parade only lasts about 10 minutes & we did get to see part of it during a break between our games down at the court.

I helped with Excel class from 1-2pm & then came home to go over to the neighbors & enjoy our annual Iowa Steak Dinner at the Murphy's. They bring steaks from home every year on dry ice & then have a big party. 33 people were invited. They were, as always, absolutely delicious. We all bring something to add, but with a steak the size of your plate, it's hard to eat much of anything else. We again had entertainment by Jimmy on his keyboard. Jokes, singing & music are his forte. I helped Phyllis clean up & then came home thinking I'd take a nap before the evening events. But when you know you want to nap you can't.

This was the night of the big Can/Am Shuffleboard Tournament. Bill & I had a great time. I thought we would be partners, but that's now how they do it. You each play as a single, but a full game of 8 frames using one side of the court & then you take your same colored disc & play on the other side. One Canadian & one American on the Foot & the same on the head. I got the famous 15 court & had a blast - almost impossible to score on it since it curves so much, but we had a great time. Bill beat our neighbor, Trudy. She's a tough cookie to beat! Needless to say, the Americans beat the Canadians & they had to pay a $1.00 each & we got our donuts free. A really fun time. Not as serious as the league tournaments. Here you can see people starting to congregate.
I have a hard time taking night time pictures with my camera. Either too dark or too blurry. Here you can see it's just getting dusk & everyone is getting ready to play.
There are 8 courts on each side. They were all full. I believe there were around 70 signed up & only 64 can play. It's different playing under the lights than at 9:30 in the morning! But it was a beautiful night for it.
Next Tues., the 23rd is the re-scheduled Turkey Shoot. Never done that either, but we will play in that also. This is a fun time of shooting crazy shots instead of the normal way (or so they tell me). Time will tell. Maybe I can get some interesting shots of that one!

We went to get our taxes done on Thurs. morning. All went much better this year. At least we don't have to pay as much in as in the past 2 years. Of course, they take a whole lot more out of us each month. I was beginning to think we'd end up giving all our S. Security back to the government. Of course, we know they are going to get it in the end anyway!

I got an email from Mark this past week & he has gone through the Suez Canal. I'm not sure he knew that was in the plans. That is the first time since the USS Cole was bombed that they've gone back through there. I'm glad he told me after than before. You know, Mother's tend to worry over things like that! Not that we don't worry anyway! He so far has been in port at Canary Islands, Italy, & Greece. I haven't heard from him lately, so he may be in a "no communication" area. I just want him & his crew to be safe. Keep our troops in your prayers.

My niece's husband, Larry, who has leukemia, is back in Pittsburgh hospital going through chemo. Please keep him & Donna in your prayers too. This is a very tough time for both of them. Love you guys!

Bill & I played one game of cards with the neighborhood gang after going out for supper with them tonight, but Faye is still not feeling well (bronchitis) & so they left early & Bill & I left too. My legs & back were aching so decided to call it a night. It's beautiful outside though. Hated to come in. Would have like to gone for a walk, but no one to walk with at 7:30. The girls have already made their rounds by 7.

Sounds like family & friends on the East coast are having nice, Springlike weather. Renee called me & said, "Mom, this is my annual call........I heard the peepers today". Hmmmm, some things I do miss. A sure sign of spring, even if they say they have to freeze 3 times before it's really spring.

Speaking of Renee, we are so pleased to know that her, Tom & the boys are moving to Warren, PA!!! That means we get to see them all summer! Now we just have to pray they find jobs! They will be moving right after Easter. They plan on leaving with the truck on April 6th. Safe travels for them in their move.

That about brings me up to date with family. My friend Judy, went to Oklahoma to be with her mom who was/is in the hospital. Haven't heard any news from her. Hope all is going well there.

Until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's

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