Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh my, I have news to share

No, I'm not going back to catch up on pictures. I'm so far behind I'd be sitting at this computer for hours. I can tell you we visited with friends Karen & Kerry in Casa Grande and Snookie & Bob at Eloy/Arizona City on Bill's birthday. We had a great day spent with great friends.

We've had a street pizza party with about 73 in attendance. Great pizza & a great time on a beautiful day. In fact, it was so hot we had to use several patios to sit on. A gal comes into the park & makes the pizzas right in the street.

The cactus are in bloom & tomorrow we are going with friends after church on a picnic to the arboretum. Everyone says it's beautiful this time of year. I hope we aren't too late for some of the wildflowers.

And finally, our news to share..............we bought a park model here at Superstition Sunrise. We are excited & now that we are able to be in there & clean & move some of our stuff in it is a little more exciting. I am sad that I won't be able to be in my 5th wheel all year, but health wise, I think it was a wise decision. It will be better for Bill not to have to set up all that stuff every night when we are traveling across country. I was hoping to be able to do it a few more years, but we have to look at the future too. We hadn't planned this quite yet, but as I was riding my bike I saw this trailer, backed up & looked again, took a paper off the porch & brought it home to Bill. Faye & Gene & friend Mark went to look at it with me first & then Bill & I went back in the evening when the owners were there. Let's just say it was the right time, the right place & the right price. We made an offer & they took it. We are only a block away from the club house & all activities. So next year when we come back, we will just bring the truck. We have to extend our posts out so we can get the truck in & then I want to replace the railing. After that, it's just little things here & there. I don't like the sofa bed in the AZ room, nor the picture, but we have 2 sales out here in the park & you really can get a bargain. So here are pictures:

In front of our place
Our cactus on the side
No, that is NOT our golf cart - belongs to Jim & Ruby
Deck/Porch & entrance
Ruby getting us ready for our toast. I love the little extra ledge to my counter. Different.
Dinette area
Clock made into cabinet
New microwave
Hmmmm .... electric stove. Not my favorite, but I guess I'll adjust.
Here's to us!
Full size sofa bed with recliner. I think we need a different lamp shade though, don't ya think???
Looking out sliding glass doors. Unit came with 3 TVs.
New refrigerator. Tons & Tons of cupboards & closets.
Looking down hallway toward bedroom. You can enter the bathroom both from the hallway & the bedroom.
Hall entrance to bathroom
Cupboards & dresser with mirrors & side corner cupboards on dresser
Half of the closet
Bedroom. I love this window over the bed with the shelf space.
Out back door in bedroom to AZ room
French doors, computer desk, TV & an old 8 track player.
Two reproduction chairs
Folding bookcase. Lots of room for my paper backs!
Back door leading to shed.
Shed with commode, washer & dryer
Sink & lots of storage space.
I think we did good. Now we have room for anyone who wants to visit.

Lots of friends have left & will still be leaving by the end of the month. We are staying until May 11th as I'm having laser treatment on my varicose veins on the 19th. No travel for 2 weeks after, so we've extended our stay.

I'm happy to say that Renee, Tom & boys have moved home to Warren, PA. I'm so excited to see their new home too. But more excited to see them & the boys! It will be a fun summer.

We've had several emails from Mark while he is out on the ship. He sent pictures of Samantha & she got her braces off. Beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. Can't wait to see them in the Fall before we come back out here for the winter.

On a sad note, our family lost a sister-in-law on Easter Sunday. Hoping my brother is doing well. He has had Amy & family from Alabama there helping him through the rough time. God Bless them in their grief.

Well, I'd better get ready for bed. Sunday's a coming! Now where have I heard that from before? - LaVon, Don????

Hope you all have a great Sunday.

Until next time..................The Traveling Cardinal's

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