Sunday, April 25, 2010

Truly Traveling Cardinal's Again

We have officially left Arizona for the summer. We left Superstition Sunrise around 8:30 Saturday morning. As you can see from the pictures below, it was a beautiful sunny day! Of course, I couldn't spend Friday at the pool as it was windy & cloudy. Too cool for me. Now that we have left, it's going to go back to the high 80's & 90's again.

Here you can see a house built right on the top of this hill on Ellsworth Rd./Usery Pass Road. Now Chuck H., this is just what you want. Looks like a beauty!
We met tons & tons of mountain bikers. Some times there were 10 or so in a group, some just a few, & some by themselves. I can't imagine how they get up all those steep hills! No wonder they are so skinny!
A view from Bill's passenger side of the truck.
Look at that windy road! Beautiful scenery though!
By the time we got between Payson & Heber, AZ we started to see snow along the roads & in the woods. Like going from one world to another.
I drove all morning & then we stopped for lunch right before Holbrook. Bill drove for about 1-1/2 hours then he started getting sleepy again. So I drove until we got to Milan/Grants, NM for the night.
This was one of the mountains we could see along the way. Parts of N. Mexico were dusty & hazy. The wind was blowing pretty hard & we soon lost the blue sky. Tumbleweed were blowing across the road & dust from fields was really blowing. The roadway was not bad, but you couldn't see the mountains & the sky was whitish.
We finally ran out of a lot of the wind by the time we got set up & ate supper. We got a neat campground that was one of those pull thru, easy in, easy out, full hook ups for $17.00 a night! Couldn't beat it. I was glad we stopped by 3:30 as it filled up fast. I don't think there was a spot left when I walked back down to the office.

We set out this morning just before 8:30 again & we are now in Amarillo, Texas. The campground here is nice, large lots, with GREEN GRASS. Haven't seen that in awhile. Since they had an inside, heated pool, I thought good, I need exercise. I got Bill set up to read one of the hometown newspapers, made macaroni & cheese & put that in the oven, set the table & took off for the pool & a shower. It felt great. I kept looking at the clock at the pool though & was confused. When I came back I looked up Texas time zone & oops, they are Central Time, not Mountain Time. So we are now only 1 hr. behind East Coast.

Our next leg of the trip will take us into "tornado alley". We are praying for a safe journey & hopefully the bad weather they had in the south a couple days ago will be over until we get through there. That is the only part of this journey I don't like.

So, until next time.................The Traveling Cardinal's

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