Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Officially Spring!

We decided to stay another day in Amarillo, Texas. The winds began to blow around 3:30AM this morning & I thought we were in a hurricane! I said to Bill "I don't think we'll be traveling today". So we stayed in bed & listened to the wind. I finally did get back to sleep sometime around 5:30. These time changes really mess my sleep up!

So we didn't do much of anything today. Bill read, I was on the computer off & on all day, baked a lemon cake, took a nap, fixed supper & then took a walk. The winds died down this afternoon & the sky got blue & the sun came out. When I came back from my walk, this little birdie was right by the truck! My official sign of spring. Yes, I know, all you people on the East coast have been seeing them for more than a month. Well, this is my FIRST! We don't have robins in Arizona (at least I've never seen any). No worms I guess. So, I finally feel like I'm going home.

Bill put water in our tank & picked up the water hose. It's suppose to be cold tonight & that thing is a bugger to roll up when it's cold, so he did that tonight. Tomorrow we should be able to get on the road early. Not much to do as we never unhitched.

My friend Velda, from Oklahoma, just chatted with me on Facebook & she said the weather was cool today & was to be warmer tomorrow. That's not a good sign in Oklahoma -- warm, cold, warm, cold. Prayers for a safe journey through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois & Indiana. I think once we hit Ohio I'll feel better.

So, until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Just prayed for your safety and for good weather. Trust the Lord.