Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time is Running Out in AZ

Here are some pictures of the last few days. Yes, I've been working my fanny off.

This is the front of the living room where I stripped the wallpaper & filled all the cracks before papering.
Stained & sealed the window frames. (See the cactus in bloom outside the dinette window).
Finished project without the curtains. Decided to keep them in plastic so I won't have to wash them next Fall.
Today Bill sprayed for termites around & under the Park Model & then sprayed for weeds. Then I spread salt all around to make double sure we don't have any weeds. Last night I planted my bougainvillea & my prickly pear & beaver tail cactus. I cut the insulation & put it in the windows. Today I covered over all the furniture, washed clothes & went & got my hair cut. With the exception of getting the plumbing ready, we are ready to lock up the Park Model.

Since it was really windy today & cooler & the forecast could have rain, we put everything around the 5th wheel in it's storage place, took down the flags & pole & just have the last minute things to do. Our time truly is running out. I took a few clothes to the 2nd hand store & then went on a photography run. I was so excited to find a saguaro in bloom right on our road. There is a bird on the top flower. They were pecking away at the flowers.

A close up
I love this funny little saguaro, he greets us every year on Broadway Ave. It looks like he has two arms waiting to hug you with a funny nose & no head. The beaver tail cactus along here are beautiful.
Tonight the remainder of our gang went to the Legion for Burger Night. Wow! What a burger. They were delicious. Another stop for guests next year as long as someone can get us in.

Tomorrow we get the last minute things done, Friday at 7am we have the oil changed in the truck & then I'm going to RELAX at the pool!! It will be a long time before I can swim in a heated pool again!

My next post will truly be from.................The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

The Saguaro's are amazing this year! Love your pictures. Next fall, you will have to post more pictures of your Park Model. That's the only way I'm going to get to see it. :-(
Yes, you need to get a good day of resting by the pool before you travel.