Friday, April 30, 2010

So Far, So Good

Let's back track a little so I can add the pictures I didn't download from yesterday.

These were part of the equipment we saw in the convoy. This must have been there meeting place as they all pulled in & the guys ran across the road & got food at Love's Truck Stop before heading out. So, I'm assuming they were coming from someplace in Kansas & traveling at least to Oklahoma. Maybe Ft. Sill?

We are now crossing the southeastern part of Kansas on Rt. 166. It was a really nice country road. Lots of farm land. Looked a lot like home in New York & Pennsylvania. But, get this, the speed limit was 65! And, it was only a 2 lane highway. Of course, it didn't have a lot of curves in it like back home either, so that might have been the reason.

The corn is starting to come up. In fact, it was high enough you could see it blowing in the strong winds. I wonder what it's like when it's 7 ft. tall......bent over, or lying on the ground???? Maybe my Kansas Camper can answer that question!

A granary along the way. Can't remember which town it was in.
Nice looking little barn. Sorry about the glare - it's an "out of the window" "going down the road" shot.
Now remember, we are in Kansas (Dorothy)......I wonder where the barn went??????? Hey sister, I wonder if that's trumpet vine growing up the side of those silos or just plain vines????
Just wanted to let all you guys back home know that we went through Chautauqua County yesterday!!!!! Yep, Kansas has a Chautauqua County & a town named Chautauqua. I tried to take a picture of the map, but the road was too rough for a clear picture.

This church made me think of home too. Looks almost like the one I grew up going to except ours didn't have a basement.

We arrived in Carthage, Missouri to spend the night as I said in yesterday's post.

The next pictures are what we faced going down Interstate 44 this morning. Talk about a front. You could see it. We did pretty good at staying ahead of it all day. Later on in the morning though it got quite cloudy. This was such an unusual picture. I kept telling Bill to take a picture & he finally did. Earlier you could see the sun's rays drawing water. It was really neat looking.

Now tonight, the sky isn't so neat looking. Right at this moment, I'm not sure if it's the "calm before the storm" or we aren't going to get the worst of the storm. The Weather Channel on the computer (don't have TV) says the winds are about 23-24 mph now (which doesn't seem like it at all) & then diminishing to 15 mph at 1 & 2 am when the strongest severest storms are suppose to hit. So hopefully we just get a lot of rain! We are under a tornado watch until 10pm so we are hoping that just goes away. Looks like we are to get rain for the next couple of days, so we have to decide in the morning if it isn't too bad, we can just travel in the rain at a slower pace. I hate sitting around waiting since we've already done that this week!

So tonight we are in a little town called Mulberry Grove, Illinois just off Interstate 70. There are several campers here that belong to Good Sam's group called Spartan Sams. The couple next to us in the Montana's names are Bill & Sue. That's easy to remember since I have a nephew named Bill with a wife named Sue that live in Michigan. Another gentleman came to talk with us when we pulled in & were setting up & he & his wife winter in Mesa, Arizona at Valle Del Oro, another park that we've visited, to go to their Country Market on Thursday mornings. It's a small world. They, too, pulled their fifth wheel for several years & ended up buying a park model. They were originally from the Buffalo/Rochester, NY area before moving to Illinois.

As I look in the living room (I'm at the kitchen table tonight), I see Bill's book has dropped to his lap & he is sleeping. It's only 7:30pm so, it's going to be a long evening with no TV for him or me. Another words, he's already gone to bed! I'm almost done with my book so I'll have to play computer games or find another book.

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's


LaVon Baker said...

The barn and church pics are my favorite.

Praying for your safety tonight (no storms) and traveling tomorrow. Thank you so much for your prayers for us.

HappyCamper said...

Fun to see you colored in Kansas on your map :). The corn stalks grow straight and strong, I'm sure the wind helps strenthen them. Harvest usually starts in July, sweet corn starts showing up on the street corners around July 1st. I think the storym weather is over for a few days now, but there will be more! Love the photos, I'll have to teach Cheri how to use my camera so she can do "drive by shootings" too.

HappyCamper said...

I was tickled to see you got Kansas colored in on your map. Great photos, very typical of the countryside. The corn grows straight and tall, the wind must help strengthen them. The sweet corn will start showing up on street corners 5 for $1 by mid summer. Love the fresh corn. Storms have past but more will be along soon. Safe journey.

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