Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Part Day on the Road

I didn't bring my camera in from the truck, so I'll post pictures tomorrow night.

Now for the rest of the story.............
We got ready to leave the RV Repair shop this morning at 7:40AM. Not! One of the front jacks wouldn't retract. Great. Another problem to fix. So we took everything out of the front compartment so they could get to it. 4 of the teeth in the gears were gone. Now that's fixed & new!

Bill noticed the hot water tank outside was dripping this morning so he released the pressure valve. Some corrosion on it from that wonderful Arizona water. We talked it over with the service manager & he said sometimes when it starts corroding it won't seal properly. Should be okay for awhile, but recommended we change it. So I said while they were at it, would they replace the anode rod. We did that last year at Camping World when we left AZ. Oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe what it looked like when he brought it in this morning! It even broke off the end & he had a hard time getting it out. The first half of it was completely gone & the end half was so corroded you wouldn't have know what it was! They said since it was so bad they would flush our hot water tank too. So just a warning for any of you who camp in Arizona,,......make sure you keep that hot water tank in good working order & replace that anode rod. After seeing what it looked like, I'm glad I don't drink their water!!!! Again, thank God for extended warranty insurance! Since we never got off the lot, they waived the deductible for this problem!

We got on the road around 11:40am. I drove until right before the Kansas border. We saw a big convoy of either Army or National Guard at Love's & also along Interstate 35 headed South. Don't know where they were going, but there sure was a lot of them.

Bill drove until around 4:00 when we stopped to refuel. Then I drove as far as Carthage, Missouri where we are spending the night. Tomorrow we should be able to make it somewhere into Illinois. So that is the excitement of the day! That is enough! The wind was really strong today, but we did great. Had the wind behind us this morning & on the south side this afternoon. No problems though.

Now I can officially put Kansas on my map. Didn't see much except farm land. We did see some where someone had a collection of old McCormick Thrashing Machines just like my dad used to have. Wish I hadn't been driving, I would have liked to have taken a picture. I just want to get out of this area before any storms hit.

So, until next time...................The Traveling Cardinal's


HappyCamper said...

LOL, you almost saved the best for last. Finally made it through Kansas. While doing my map I debated, do I filling all the states I've visited, or all the states I've camped tent camped in, or just the states visited with an actual RV. I opted for just the ones we've RV'd to. I've visited everything west of the Mississippi, but that didn't seem quite fair.

Peggy & Bill said...

I know what you mean about how to do your map. Some of ours was done with our other camper. I just want to remember that I've been in all those states with one camper or another.