Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting Closer to Home

No pictures again today. I did most of the driving & Bill isn't quick with the click.

We ended up getting about 15-20 minutes of hard rain & some wind last night, but nothing else! Thank God! I don't like tornadoes!!! The weather was cloudy this morning, but no rain, so we decided to keep traveling east. It was cloudy all day & we only hit a little mist in western Indiana. We wanted to get as far as Columbus, Ohio, but seeing how we lost another hour inside Indiana, we decided to stop at our normal time around 3pm. We are in Richmond, Indiana, within a few miles of the Ohio border. I think the storms are southeast of us tonight (or so I hope!!!!). Hopefully tomorrow we can make it to Erie, PA & then make arrangements to have our trailer inspected before heading to NY State & our campground on Tuesday.

I haven't gotten any recent updates from my friend, Sandy, back in AZ who underwent pancreatic surgery right before we left. She was doing pretty good, with a few set backs, but hopefully she is getting stronger every day. Keep her in your prayers, please. They still have to travel back to NY State when she is well enough & strong enough.

Our other friends, Faye & Gene & Jim & Ruby, left the park in AZ this morning. That means the gang is all gone. Our friends, Marquita & Ray, are on their way to Michigan. I'm glad we aren't still there. It gets mighty lonesome when everyone leaves!

Renee is getting more & more excited as we get closer to PA. She can't wait for us to see her new little home & we can't wait either. She said the boys have stopped asking when we are coming, so they must have forgotten we are traveling. Noah lost his first tooth a couple days ago. Now the other one is loose.

I guess I need to get off here & fix some supper. Bill is taking his nap & I'm just filling in time. I was going to lay down & read, but got on here instead. Big mistake! Time flies on a computer! Literally.......I had to change my time zone! Ha, Ha!

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Just prayed for Sandy.
And for a safe day tomorrow for you and Bill.